NRA Instructor Training Class Scheduled

Ten X will be hosting an official NRA Instructor class next month.  Students completing the class will become official NRA Pistol Instructors and will be authorized to host their own basic handgun safety class for people looking to obtain their pistol permits.  The course will be taught by NRA Board member Budd Schroeder.

The classes will be held on September 26 and October 3, 2015, from 9:00 am to approximately 5:00 pm at our indoor range at 853 Ransom Road.  Students must attend both sessions and pass an exam to get their certification.  The course costs $150.00 per pupil.  Please bring a check to the first class.  Class size is limited to 10 or 12 students and we have about 5 or 6 pre- registrations as of today.

People wishing to sign up must email the president at p.vasilion at to pre- register.


June 2700 Update

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and competitors who came out on June 7 to participate in out first tournament of the season!

The preliminary results can be viewed by clicking here.

June Newsletter

A month ago, we were hoping May would bring warmer weather.  Of course, we bypassed spring and went directly to 80-degree days and humidity!  The outdoor range is officially open and the WNYOPL season is underway.

The June Newsletter is attached here.  The June meeting will be the last general meeting until September.   Because we have a good group of new members, there are a couple of reminders to pass along:

Outdoor range restrooms:  You should all be aware that during the summer months there are working restroom facilities (cold-water sinks and toilets) at the Outdoor Range.  The same key that opens the Stat Office building rear door will also open the door to the kitchen.  Separate men’s and women’s rooms are there at your disposal.  All that you need to do to properly utilize them is to turn on the water.  Simply remove the lock from the blue painted hydrant located next to the kitchen.  The key is located next to the women’s bathroom.  Lift the hydrant […]

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Mother’s Day 



2015 High Power Rifle Schedule

What is High Power rifle?  It refers to centerfire rifle competition modeled after a course of fire once given to U.S. soldiers.  It is a 50-shot match course fired from the standing and sitting positions at 200 yards and the prone position at 300 and 600 yards.

Any standard issue American service rifle, such as an M1 Garand,  Springfield M1A (civilian M-14), or AR-15 are acceptable.  Modified bolt action target rifles with micrometer peep sights are also used

This year’s schedule of local NRA Highpower rifle tournaments has been released.

May 2015 Newsletter


Hopefully the month of May will bring warmer weather and us closer to what we call summer.  As of May 7, we will be using the outdoor range on a primary basis Thursday nights. The end of the league season means our Tuesday and Thursday practice night will be less formal and more oriented towards the beginning pistol and rifle shooter.   Everyone looking to improve their skill should head out to the range on our practice nights!


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Saturday Clean Up, Outdoor Range

Greetings Everyone,

Well we had an awesome turnout today for the spring cleanup at the Ten X Outdoor Range. A lot got accomplished in a short time. The stat house was cleaned out, the kitchen is all ready. The bathrooms are all nice and clean. All the uprights for the targets are in place and many old branches were taken down and the leaves were raked, and the sound system is up and working. So all in all the place looks great.

Many thanks go out to the following members that attended: Ray Buchner, Bob Schweers, Mark Bergum, Eric Redmill, Tom Jankowski, Brian Mackey, Carl Jay, Ron Marriott, Chris Mornelli, Gail Fechter, Joe Moronski, Mitch Vogel, Bruce Matthies (Life Member), Jim Gerstung, and Gene Fechter.  I would also like to thank the three Clarence Shooting Club members that came out to help too: Ward Paulter (Clarence’s Secretary), Tom Thoman, and John Dworak (Clarence’s President).

I sure hope that I got everyone, but if I didn’t, a big THANKS to all […]

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Outdoor Range Closed Saturday

Hello members:

Just a friendly reminder that we will be having a outdoor range clean up event this coming Saturday (presuming we don’t have a blizzard.

The work detail begins at 8:30 am and runs until we are done.  Estimated time is 1:00 pm.

2015 Sectional Awards Bulletin Released

The final Match Bulletin and awards program for the 2015 NRA Sectional is attached below.  A total of 38 competitors turned out to make the match a success.  Checks and NRA points will be mailed out at the end of before May 1.  The medals for the open awards will be presented at the Combined SPL / NFPL awards banquet on May 2 at Kotecki’s Grove, West Seneca.

Two things from our stat office:

1. As always, we invite your comments and feedback about out match because we are interested in making shooting tournaments an enjoyable experience.  We want to do better.

2. We want to encourage and assist to the greatest extent possible the development of new competitors.  Lets face facts:  we as a community are growing old and grey.  The cost of equipment, guns, ammo doubled almost overnight in reaction to the SAFE Act.  More and more people are dropping out because of cost, and fear that law enforcement will be watching us due to the SAFE Act.  […]

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Outdoor Range Combination Changed

The combination code for the outdoor range was changed on Saturday April 11.  The new code will be sent out with the May newsletter but as is our policy, the code will not be published on-line or in public fashion.

If you can’t wait for the newsletter, you may get the combination code from Art Young, myself, or any of the other Board members.

Bruce Matthies, Chief Range Officer