September Meeting

Hello Members,

Just a reminder that our September General Meeting is on Monday September 9th as the 2nd is Labor Day weekend.

See you there.

Doug Scranton- President

Memorial Day

Ten X Shooting Club would like to thank all the men and women who are serving and or have served in our Armed Forces.

We truly appreciate your service.

We pray for the families who have lost loved ones, and hope you find comfort in knowing we remember this day as one of utmost importance and respect.

Be safe this Memorial Day and again we say THANK YOU.


Ten X Shooting Club

Gate Lock at ODR

Just a quick note to inform you that there is a new lock on the gate at the Outdoor Range.

The “dashes” for the combination are not in the center of the tumblers, they are actually at the top edge.

So, if you’re dialing the numbers in the center of the tumblers, the lock won’t open.

Happy Shooting.

With kind regards,

Doug Scranton

2024 League awards

Our competition teams were the recipient of several awards at the annual Awards Banquet:

SPL – Team award – First Place Actual – Silver division

SPL – Individual Awards

Jim H – High Handicap – Marksman

Tim S – High Score, Average and Handicap – Sharpshooter

NFPL – Team award – First Place Actual – Silver division

NFPL – Individual awards

Tim S – High Average – Sharpshooter

Dennis S – Highest Score Fired in the league – 288 – 10X

Mowing signups for the Summer

Hello, members. In an effort to clear up some of the confusion that has occurred over the years over who is mowing which range and when, I’ve added signup sheets for the mowing of each range. Each range has its own signup sheets and one for each week. I set the date for the Monday of each week, but this is not the day mowing has to be completed. It is just a place holder for the week. If there are any questions or suggestions, please email me at Also signup sheets are up for all three WYNOPL matches; these matches are good opportunities to fulfill your hours to the club.

End of First Quarter

Hello and Happy Easter.

It is my hope that this season of Easter brings a sense of reflection and peace.

Well, the first quarter is behind us in a couple of days and I wanted to reach out to you all and let you know that the club is doing very well.

We’ve seen an increased attendance at our General Membership Meetings as well as our Youth Shoot nights.

We’ve also seen an increase in membership applications being requested. That’s a great thing.

Thank you for your continued support of Ten X Shooting Club and hats off to the Youth Shoot team for a successful season.

As you all know, we are expecting the Solar Eclipse to pass directly over Western New York on Monday April 8th. Please make sure you have the proper glasses if you intend to view this “once in a lifetime” event. Glasses can be obtained at any local library from what I’m being told.

Our next General Membership Meeting is Monday April 1st at […]

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Thursday Night Shoots

Open sights, red dot, or scopes allowed

(lasers are distracting and therefore not allowed)

One or two handed grip allowed

Course of fire – 2 slow fire targets, same gun

(highest of the two targets will count)

Normal range fee of $3 per night apply

Thursday April 11th, 2024 – 7:00 pm

“Revolver only” match

Any centerfire revolver allowed

Results: 1st-John M, 2nd- Jim W, 3rd-Jim O

Thursday April 18th, 2024 – 7:00 pm

“Mid Caliber only” match

Any centerfire caliber larger than a .22

but smaller than a .45

Results: 1st-Dennis S, 2nd- John M, 3rd-Jim O

Thursday April 25th, 2024 – 7:00 pm

“Carry Gun only” match

Any centerfire with a barrel less than 4″

Results: 1st- Al H , 2nd- Greg B, 3rd-John M

Thursday May 2nd, 2024 – 7:00 pm

“Large Caliber only” match

Any .45 caliber

Results: 1st- Jim O and Dennis S (tie), 3rd- Tim S

Thursday May 16th, 2024 – 7:00 pm


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TEN X YOUTH SHOOTING PROGRAM CANCELLATION Please be advised that Friday’s Youth Shooting Program, originally scheduled for January 19th, has been cancelled due to potential weather issues. Our next shoot will be held on February 2nd.

Thank you.

I’d like to say a special thank you to all of the members and Board of Directors for your support and trust in us as we continue to try to improve our club and what the club has to offer to our members and our community.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And a Happy Hanukkah to all of our Jewish member.

Thank you, Martin G., for all of your hard work in keeping the financial recording up to date and I wish you all the best in whatever your new adventure should be.

Stay safe this holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you all in 2024.

With kind regards,

Doug Scranton

Western New York Awards

2023 WNY OPL awards

Ten X WNY OPL team awards – Silver

First Place – Actual

First Place – Handicap

First Place – Centerfire

Individual Awards

Greg B. – High .22 Score – Sharpshooter

Dennis S. – High Centerfire Score – Sharpshooter

Al H. – High .22 Score – Marksman