Alden Air Pistol League

From SCOPE Director Carl Leas:

I will be running the informal Air Pistol League at Alden Rod & Gun Club again this Spring and Summer. It will begin Tuesday May 5, 2015 and run thru Tuesday July 21, 2015 with a banquet on Tuesday July 28, 2015, at the club.Cost is $6.00 per match and you must shoot 11 matches to complete the league. Match fee includes the Banquet and prizes at the Banquet. We will shoot the 40 round short course at 10 meters. First relay is at 7:30 PM, second at 8:30 PM, 3rd as necessary. Shoot aheads allowed.

Any questions contact me via e-mail ( or at 716.656.0350. Of course you can let other air pistol shooters know about this. I currently have 2 extra air pistols that you can use if you […]

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April 2015 Newsletter

Attached is this coming month’s Newsletter.  The next general meeting will be April 6, 2015, beginning at 8:00 pm at the indoor range.

More Food for Thought

Hat tip to former National Champion Brian Zins:

2015 Sectional Tournament Results

UPDATED March 15, 2015

The National Rifle Association 2015 Conventional Pistol Sectional Tournament concluded today with 38 competitors coming out over the weekend.  Thank you to all of our club’s volunteers, as well as Boston Valley Conservation Society member Russell Rizzo who volunteered to call Sunday’s match.  Thank you to all of the competitors who came out from as far east as Rochester and as far south as Dunkirk.

The preliminary results are posted below.  Congrats to our match winner, Rich Powers who posted at 855-24x to bring home the overall gold medal.

Click this link for the Preliminary Results



Calling all league shooters!

Hello to all our members!!

As I hope you all know, Ten X is hosting the NRA Sectionals this weekend.  I’m urging you to come out and shoot one of the three days.  (The only one close to being full is Friday with 14 at this writing).

I’d like to see Ten X strongly represented since we are the host.  Last year we only had three competitors from the club which did not allow us to enter the team event (we needed 4).  At this point, we only have two for this year.  All in all pretty pathetic from a group I think should at least be interested in supporting our biggest annual “fundraiser” not to mention, as I mentioned, we are the host.  The event costs $25.00 per shooter (90 shots).  The club will pay for the additional entry cost of the team event (30 shots, additional  Gallery Course). 

Calling all league shooters!

March 2015 Newsletter

March is a busy month with one league ending, the other just finished and the indoor tournament season upon us!

Links to this months newsletter and the updated work roster are posted below.  Please also check out the updated work roster linked below.  Volunteers are still needed for this years tournaments.

Backstops and Range Safety


Over at Fox News today, there was an article about a couple who live next door to a shooting range and their allegation that a stray shot grazed the wife’s head.

Every shooter and range operator must take seriously the risk associated with bullets leaving the range property and landing somewhere they are not supposed to land. Whether pistol or rifle bullets, the matter is not a laughing one. Muzzle discipline and the fundamental rules of range safety must be followed — every time you go to the range.


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On the Topic of Lead


Blood Lead Levels, Shooting Sports, and Lessons Learned. By: Peter Vasilion, MD, FACP

Did you hear how lead plumbing contributed to the downfall of the Roman Empire?

Of course you have: if you were born after 1909.  That was the year that Rudolph Kolbert, a German archaeologist, first proposed lead poisoning as a cause of Rome’s decline.  Kolbert’s theory did not receive much attention because it was not written in English and Kolbert’s work was published in an obscure journal.  The theory was “restated” in the mid-1960s and later popularized by the media after a 1983 article in the New England Journal of Medicine attributing chronic lead poisoning to the fall of the Roman Empire.

The understanding that lead is not good for you is well known and medically accepted, and even the ancient Romans were aware of illness caused by too much exposure to it.

As recreational and competitive shooters, we are warned to “get the lead out” and to follow good hygiene practices to limit our […]

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February 2015 Newsletter

Happy February greetings!  Attached is this month’s newsletter.  Lots of exciting things are happening (or are about to happen) with the Club so please come to this meeting to stay up on all new stuff!

Click here for the February 2015 newsletter.

Good shooting.

Rochester Rifle Club 1800 Tournaments

Our sister club, Rochester Rifle Club, announced it will hold two “1800” tournaments on February 21 and April 11, 2015.

RRC is a very nice club and we have had a long relationship with them over the years.  It should be a fun event.  Those interested should download the attached match bulletin.  Questions should be addressed to Gerry Gerace (contact info is in the bulletin).

Good Shooting.

2015 GCL / RRC Match Bulletin