Duties of Block Officers

Duties of Block Officers
By Roger Goergen, DDS

  1. Arrive at the range at least one-half (1/2) hour before the starting time.
  2. Notify the Range Officer of your arrival
  3. The Range Officer will assign the targets that you are responsible for.
  4. If scoring is done down range, be sure you have proper scoring overlays and plugs with you.
  5. If at an outdoor match, be sure you have your staple gun, staples and tape for target repairs.
  6. At the command “Is the line ready?”, if a competitor is not ready call out “not ready”.  When the competitor is ready to fire, hold the “thumbs-up” gesture so the Range Officer can see you.
  7. At the commend “Block Officers check the line for safety”, the Block Officer will approach the bench and check all guns for open slides or cylinders, magazines removed and chambers flags are in place.  He will also check that the shooters are behind the ready line and then call out “The line is safe on the right / left” depending on what side of the line he is assigned to.
  8. The Block Officer will be the last person to move forward when the command to change targets is given.
  9. At the completion of scoring and target changing, the Block Officer will be the last person to step behind the firing line. He will call out “the range is clear on the left / right” when he returns to the firing line.
  10. In the event of a gun malfunction, the Block Officer will wait until the targets have edged, then approach the shooter and instruct him to clear his gun of the malfunction.  Determine if the malfunction is “allowed”.  Determine the number of shots fired and call out “Alibi allowed on target number ____ — ____(number) shots fired “.
  11. If the shooter touches his gun after the malfunction occurs with his free hand, and is unable to clear the malfunction, the malfunction is not allowed.
  12. In the event of a scoring challenge, the shooter must immediately present one dollar ($1.00) to the Block Officer.  The Block Officer will then remove the entire target from the frame and take it and the money and the scorecard directly to the Range Officer.  A new target will be placed into the frame immediately.
  13. If the shooter calls for a plug, the Block Officer will plug the target and step back.  If the scorer and the shooter do not agree on the score, the shooter must accept the score as given by the scorer or issue a challenge and pay the challenge fee.  No time for debates at the target.


Originally published October 1998

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