Junior Program Announcement

Ten X Youth Shooting Program

We are planning to soft launch our Youth Shooting program at the end of August, with an official launch in September. The group will shoot on the second and fourth Fridays of each month, starting at 6:30pm and running until 8:00pm, give or take, based on attendance. In order for this very important initiative to be successful we are going to need several instructors, as well as range officers and other volunteers to make the program work. If you have experience as a three-position shooter, or if you are an NRA Certified Rifle Instructor, we most definitely need your help. We also need certified NRA Range Safety Officers whose only responsibility will be to run/monitor the range. If you aren’t a certified instructor or you are not a certified range officer, we still need your help. Members can help to get the range set up, help the young shooters to set up and break down, etc.


There will be an initial meeting of all those who are willing to participate on Monday, June 26th @ 7pm at the indoor range. The meeting should last no more than one hour. This meeting will be primarily to determine who can/wants to help with what areas of running the program, as well as to roll out the proposed program structure. The plan will be to have two more meetings of the instructors, one in July and a final meeting in August before the soft launch. If you are planning to attend you’re asked to RSVP to Matt Giansante at matt@giansante.com or at 716-622-0705.  If you want to help but can’t attend our first meeting, no problem. Just RSVP to Matt so that he knows you’re interested in helping.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to have multiple people available to help. We realize not everyone will be able to help twice a month, so by having multiple instructors, range officers, and general help, we’ll be able to ensure that the program runs effectively. Thanks.



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