August 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to High Summer everyone!  We hope that you are enjoying some time away from work or some time getting to the range.  This month, Ten X will continue to host weekly practices on Thursdays  and Steel Plate Challenge practices on designated Tuesdays.  Check the Club calendar for updates.  This month we will be hosting a 3-gun pistol match and our WNYOPL team will still be competing every Sunday.  With that, here is the August newsletter:

  • Final 2017 WNYOPL Match.  This coming Sunday, July 30, 2017, we will be hosting our last WNYOPL match for the season.  Volunteers to work the match are still needed.  Please check out the  volunteer signup page, above, or contact Team Captain Jim Gerstung ( to volunteer.  Match starts at 8:00 am.  Volunteers are needed to help set up and take down the range, as well as act as block, line and stats officers.
  • NRA 2700 Tournament.  We will be hosting a NR precision pistol tournament on Sunday, August 13.  Volunteers are  needed, so please check out the volunteer signup page, above, and help us run another important tournament.  First shot is at 9AM promptly.  Set-up volunteers need to arrive at 8AM.
  • August Indoor Range Projects.  Members looking to fulfill their work-hour membership requirement are invited to volunteer for one or more of the following projects (time slips are in the building near the sign-in logbook):
    • Range dehumidifier replacement/repair.  The existing dehum is effectively dead due to coolant leakage.  It needs to be serviced or replaced.  Someone looking to do this will be reimbursed from the club.
    • Cabinet demolition.  The existing sliding door cabinets on the north wall of the basement are marked for demolition and replacement.  The plan is to cut them back to the existing furnace room and to replace with a framed closet space with LED lighting. Salvageable materials such as clean plywood should be saved and stored upstairs for future use.
    • Storage closet shelving.  A set of shelf brackets was purchased this past winter so we could install another 12″x42″ shelf in the lower range storage closet.  We need the new brackets and a shelf installed on the block wall about 13-15″ below the existing shelf.
    • Mowing and trimming.  The indoor range needs to be trimmed around the perimeter and the grass needs cutting.
  • August Outdoor Range Projects.  Members looking to fulfill their work-hour membership requirement are invited to volunteer for one or more of the following projects (time slips are in the building near the sign-in logbook):
    • A quick paint job.  The new door to the stat house needs a couple of coats of rust inhibiting outdoor enamel.  We can’t say the brand that begins with R and ends in “oleum” but you get the idea…
    • Summer clean out.  The stat house is in bad need of a clean out and wash down.   Apparently a snake or two made it a home this past month and some heavy duty cleaning is needed.
    • Combination lock for the kitchen.  We are looking to replace the deadbolt lock to the kitchen with a push-button combination lock like the one on the stat house.  We need a member to take the lead on this project and get it bought and get it done.
    • Range Driveway.  The range driveway needs to be scrapped and leveled.  A large tractor with a blade should be sufficient.
  • September Outdoor Range Work Party.  We will be scheduling a large work party at the September meeting.  There are a couple of large projects facing the club at the outdoor range including re-siding the stat house and kitchen, replacing the 25 yard target mounts, and digging out the 50 yard target line.  We will need someone to volunteer a tractor with a grading blade and/or a bucket.  A small dozer or track excavator would be helpful too if members know anyone with access to one.
  • Winter Leagues Forming.  As usual, we will be entered in the NFPL and SPL leagues this fall.  It is a good time to begin recruiting your friends and colleagues to join the league and the club.  No experience needed, but an interest to shoot accurately and to improve their marksmanship is all that is needed.

All for now.

Good Shooting,

Peter Vasilion, President





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