October 2017 Newsletter

At least it still feels like summer, and not like October!  Our next General Membership meeting will be Monday October 2, 2017, at 7:30 pm at our indoor range at 853 Ransom Road.  We have much going on this month.  The PDF version of this month’s newsletter can be downloaded by clicking here.

>  The fall clean-up at the Outdoor range is scheduled for Saturday September 30, 2017, starting at 8:30 am. There is a large “to-do” list, which is attached. This is AN ALL HANDS ON DECK project.  We hope to accomplish a number of tasks:

  • Pistol range target frames to be taken down and stored for the winter.
  • 25-Yard range target mounts will removed along with the mounting boards.
  • Area under the 25-Yard target boards will be dug out.
  • Gravel to be put down under 25-Yard targets
  • New Boards to be installed.
  • 50-Yard range target posts to be cleaned up; sand dug out from around the posts
  • 50-Yard range backstop to be cleaned up.

We need members to bring a couple of wheelbarrows and transfer shovels, a couple of cordless drills or impact drivers, a couple of socket and wrench sets, an acetylene torch, an angle grinder or two with cutoff disks, and a chain saw.  Members should bring their own work and latex gloves.

>  Both the SPL and NFPL pistol leagues start the first week of October. Schedules are posted in the range and on the club website. We need new shooters! Please consider joining one or both leagues. Like bowling leagues, matches are scored on a handicap system with actual and handicap matches to be won.  The schedules can be found on this website under the applicable league tab, above.

>  Matt Giansante has organized a Junior shooting Program which will be using the indoor range on the second and fourth Fridays of each month from 6:30 pm to about 8:00 pm. We are looking of volunteer instructors. We already have commitments from the Police Explorers, the Boy Scouts and other groups who are interested in the program.

>  Thank you to all those members and significant others of members who attended the Club picnic on August 27!

>  Thank you also to all the volunteers who helped put on the Outdoor Pistol Championship on September 16 and 17. We had a good match, thanks to our members who put in the sweat, time, and effort. Thank you.

Good shooting,


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