November 2017 Newsletter

The November general membership meeting will be held on Monday November 6, 2017, at 7:30 pm at the indoor range located at 853 Ransom Road, Lancaster.  All are welcome.

●     We have accomplished many things in the past month. We had two very successful outdoor range maintenance days last month with the 25-yard target mounts replaced, bearings repacked, and drainage dug in. Trees were trimmed or cut down. One member brought his bulldozer and pulled out the large stump near the kitchen shelter, graded the driveway, and then pushed up the 50-yard backstop. The range shed was cleaned out and target frames were put away for the winter. So many people helped out, that if we tried to publically thank everyone in this newsletter, we probably would leave out some names.  On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, thank you to everyone who helped out.

●      November is also the annual meeting for nominations for club officers to serve in 2018. The election will be held in December. All positions are open for nominations. Being on the Board of Directors is not a lifetime appointment and new blood is always welcome. If you are interested in running, you should. If you have questions about any office, ask any Board Member. Serving as a Board member may not have many perks, but we are proud of our Club and hope you would be proud to serve as an officer too.

●      The Iroquois High School Varsity Rifle Team is scheduled begin using our range for classroom and shooting activities beginning November 14. Their shooting season will not start until after the Thanksgiving holiday. A detailed practice and match schedule will be posted on the webpage as soon as possible. Members are reminded that the school has first priority of the range during their season and due to the possible problems, pistol shooting on the downstairs range is not permitted while the rifle team uses the upstairs range.

●      The SPL and NFPL leagues are in full swing.  The SPL team came out with a very good start by winning 2 of 4 of our actual matches and 4 out of 4 of our handicap matches in October.

The “team” for the actual win against  Fredonia was :

1) Peter V.

2) Al H.

3) Bill F.

4) Jim W.

5) Roy S.

The top five for our win against Alden were:

1) Peter V. (with an impressive 294 – 7x)

2) Mitch V.

3) Jim W.

4) Bill F. (who tied with Matt)

4) Matt G. ( who tied with Bill)


We should be VERY proud of our teams turnout averaging 18 (yes 18) shooters per match.  Next  month’s schedule is on the website.  Click here to be re-directed.

The PDF version of this newsletter may be downloaded by clicking on this link

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