Outdoor Range Fall Cleanup to Continue this Saturday

While we had great turnout this past Saturday (September 30) we didn’t get done everything we needed to.  So we will have another go at it this coming Saturday (October 7).

Meet up time will be Saturday at 9:00 am.  We will need some 3/8″ sockets, some 9/16th combination wrenches, and some elbow grease to re-attach the remaining 20 target spindles.  One of our members, Chris G., indicated he will be bringing a small bulldozer to help with the backstop.

Bottom line is we could really use another big turnout of 20 members.  Please come if you can.  The more people turn out, the quicker the work gets done and we can go home.  Or enjoy the shooting range.

Contact Mitch Vogel if you have questions (mitchv@roadrunner.com)

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