Weather Alert – Youth Shooting Program – Friday, January 12th

At the time of this post (Wednesday evening, January 10th) there is a Winter Storm watch issued for our area, starting on Friday at 1pm and running through Saturday at 4pm. Indications are that the storm will hit hard during our regular shooting time (6:30pm – 8:30pm) with rain turning to ice turning to snow in those hours. While we are not canceling shooting at this time, we did want to make everyone aware that our policy is to follow the public school closing policies (in our case, Lancaster Central Schools.) Should Lancaster cancel school (or after school activities) on a youth shooting program night, our program will also be cancelled for that evening. As well, if there are any travel advisories issued for the area in and around our range, the program will also be cancelled for that evening.

Parents are encouraged to check the website on Friday afternoon for updates. We will do our best to update everyone should we need to cancel for that evening.

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