Youth Shooting Update – June 23, 2018

Unfortunately, we did not have any youth shooters attend our first outdoor shooting date on June 11th. We realize that school exams were happening at this time, along with concerts, recitals, etc. Our next session is on July 9th, with a rain date of July 11th. If attendance is sparse or none, then we’ll cancel the session for August and resume with our indoor sessions starting in September.

Speaking of our indoor season, starting this coming September, we will be shooting EVERY Friday, with a few nights off during the holiday season, and when there is a “fifth” Friday in a month. The program is evolving and the changes will allow for our youngest shooters (ages nine through eleven and older) to fire both BB and pellet guns, with a program in place that will have the shooters work to achieve certain scores. They will receive certificates and badges for each level they achieve. Thanks to Ten X member Dan DeKruger for taking on this program. Our shooters 12 and older will be able to continue to shoot both recreationally and instructionally. For those looking to just have fun in a safe environment, we’ll have an open shooting time. But for those who are looking for more instruction, and who are interested in some day participating on the Ten X competitive team under Coach Leif Johnson, we will offer instructional nights where there will be a mix of quality instruction by experienced competitive shooters, along with the opportunity to shoot for score.

Our competitive team continues to practice throughout the summer, on most Wednesday evenings, at the indoor facility. For more information on that click on the tab on the home page or contact Coach Johnson via e-mail ( or by phone at 716-662-2972. New members are encouraged and welcome!

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