Midsummer Update 2018

It’s high summer and the range is open!  There is always so much to do between June and September, but we hope that you’ve exercised your Second Amendment rights at least once since summer officially began.

There are no meetings until September (10th).  However, there has been a ton of activity since the beginning of June. Some thank-you’s are in order:

  • Thank you to all of the members who came out and finished the outdoor range project.  The turning target mounts on the 25 yard line were changed out and stone was spread to help with drainage.  Good work to everyone!
  • The lock to the outdoor range kitchen and bathrooms was changed to a keypad design.  The combination code is the same as the gate combination.  Thanks, Al Hopkins, for finishing this project!
  • Thank also to Paul Englert for making up a half dozen target frames for the outdoor range!  Some of the old frames were showing their wear and tear, and its always good to have a few spares in the closet.
  • Thank you to Roy Smith and Bill Frears who procured and hung a new building sign at the indoor range.  You can’t miss it!

There are a few upcoming tournaments at the club, and we still need some volunteers.  There is a NRA/CMP tournament on August 12, the NYS Championship Match on September 15 and 16, and the WNYOPL match on August 5.  Club members are encouraged to shoot these matches also!  They are fun and help you earn your classification and league averages!

We are looking at adding some fun and interesting presentations and activities to the meeting schedule in place of the usual boring business meetings.  They include a presentation by ECMC, the Erie County Sheriff’s Department, among others.  We hope that you will approve of the new direction we are going in for 2018 – 2019.

Until September, good shooting.

— The Editors

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