October 2018 Newsletter

The October General Membership Meeting will be Monday, October 1, 2018, at 7:00 P.M. sharp!  Please note the time change!

Please carpool and plan on arriving with time to sign in and set settled before our program starts!

●   We are honored to host Erie County Medical Center’s Stop The Bleed program on Monday October 1. We will start 30 minutes early to accommodate the 90 minute class. Most cases of serious bleeding are due to common accidents in and around the home, at work, or from motor vehicle crashes. A victim can bleed to death much faster than trained emergency medical services personnel can arrive to treat them. A person nearby that individual may be the ONLY one who can make the difference between life and death. During this FREE 90-minute class, students learn how to recognize serious bleeding and ways to control it such as applying direct pressure, packing wounds, and the use of a tourniquet. All students will have the hands-on opportunity to practice these skills and will be issued a course completion certificate at the end of the class.

●   Because of the ECMC class on October 1, there will be no formal business meeting this month.

●   Both the SPL and NFPL pistol leagues start the first week of October. Schedules are posted in the range and on the club website. We need new shooters! Please consider joining one or both leagues. Like bowling leagues, matches are scored on a handicap system with actual and handicap matches to be won. The first matches are as follows:

●   Our Club Picnic will be Saturday October 6, 2018, at the Outdoor Range beginning at 12:30 pm. All members are welcome to attend. This is bring a small dish to pass event. Steel Plate shooting will be 10:00 am to noon that day. Anyone interested in Steel Plate Challenge are welcome to stop by early.

●   The next session of our Youth Marksmanship Program will be his Friday, September 28th.  This will be the  Open/Recreational shooting for all levels (ages 8 and up) which focuses on air rifle (pellet rifles) and BB gun shooting program and offers a small bit of instruction but mostly is for pleasure shooting.  The next session of our Instructional Program for kids ages 12 and up will be held on Friday, October 5th. This is our new program this year for shooters who have experience in handling rifles and are seeking more advanced instruction in rifle shooting. This is .22LR smallbore rifles only – no air rifles or BB guns and as such, per NY State law, the participants must be at least age 12 to participate.

●   Thank you also to all the volunteers who helped put on the Outdoor Pistol Championship on September 15 and 16. We had a good match, thanks to our members who put in the sweat, time, and effort. Thank you.

As always, you can download a printable PDF version of this month’s newsletter by clicking this link.

Good Shooting,


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