January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year, everyone!

The next general meeting is January 7, 2019 at 7:30 PM at the Indoor Range at 853 Ransom Road.

● Happy New Year to all our members! We had an eventful December with the club elections resulting in some exciting changes. Welcome back to Martin G who will be our Treasurer and welcome to our newest board member Rick D who will be our new Assistant Range Officer. Congrats to Jim M who was “promoted” to Chief Range Officer. We are still using the Post Office box for membership renewals (which are due), so send your annual dues ($80) and your key fob rental ($10) payable to Ten X at PO Box 226, Lancaster NY 14086.

● Two January’s ago, Ten X Club was awarded a grant to start up a junior shooting program. We are still looking to recruit young people into our recreational program and our intro to target shooting program. Matt G is still the primary contact, so if you know of any young people looking to learn how to shoot rifle, air rifles, and bb guns, please drop a note to Matt at his email: matt-at-olm1.com (remember to replace -at- with @).

● Where do we go from here? In the past two years, we have achieved some significant goals: we started a junior shooting program, we started regular Steel Plate Challenge shooting, we replaced the roof on the indoor range, several members all contributed to repairs to the outdoor and indoor range lighting, repairs to the indoor range building. We also earned the Ed Rose Memorial Trophy in the Suburban League and several members earned individual awards in all three leagues that we participate in.

We want you to let us know what you want from your club. What should we be doing and what projects should we set out to accomplish this year? Send a note to tenxmartin@hotmail.com or to tenxpeter@hotmail.com .

● The NFPL and SPL shooting seasons continue with the next series of matches:

As usual, the printable version of this newsletter can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Good Shooting,


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