Sometimes, it takes time

The most frequent complaints heard at the club is “I’ll never be that good”.  This past monday, a fellow bullseye pistol competitor (and Ohio resident) John Bickar sent along a lesson that sometimes, good things take time… and persistence… and practice:


Yes.  That’s a perfect 300 score.  Shot at a league match with a .32 centerfire Pardini.  John says that he has been shooting for over 30 years competitively.  This was his first perfect 300 match.  Ever.

John also says that when he started 30 years ago, his average was far from impressive.  So, take it to heart: keep practicing, keep striving to do a little better each time.  Come shoot the league, you might impress yourself!


Good shooting,


2 comments to Sometimes, it takes time

  • Walter Conley

    The most frequent complaints heard at the club is “I’ll never be that good”
    Correct, I’ll never be that good but those that let that stop them from joining a league fail to realize the shooting sports are divided by class starting from Marksmen and going on up. You are shooting only against yourself to improve and have a night out with friends who enjoy the same sport. Your improvement benefits the team with the handicap wins.

  • John B.

    I forgot about this. This was with a 1911 .45, not a Pardini .32. I did some research to see if the NRA kept National Records for 50 foot center fire precision pistol (AKA bullseye) and couldn’t find anything.

    I thought a 300-18x on a course with a max of 300-20x might do something. Never heard back.

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