Youth Shooting – end of year update and thank yous

We wrapped up our youth shooting sessions for 2018 last night (December 14th). We had a good turnout, especially considering we’re into the holiday season. We are seeing an overall uptick in attendance for our Open Shooting sessions, which we’re glad to see as these are the new and youngest shooters. We resume shooting in the new year on January 4th with our Instructional Shooting sessions and January 11th with our Open Shooting sessions. Please be an advocate for our program to anyone you know with kids ages nine to 17. If you have kids or grandkids those ages, we’d love to have them (and you) join us.

As we complete the year, I want to offer a few thanks to people who have been helpful to the program. First, thank you to the board for their ongoing support. Second, thank you to our instructors who have been there from the start: Jim Weiberg, Tim Colf, Walt Conley, Rick D’Arcy, Chuck Metler, Charlie Fissler and Peter Vasilion. Thanks to Dave Scranton and Irv Reinig who recently joined us to help out with instruction. Thanks as well to Dan DeKruger who has stepped up to help organize a “shoot for score” program for our Open Session program. This is through the NRA and it encourages the kids to keep coming to shoot so that they can accumulate enough targets that they achieve certain levels of proficiency. Thanks to Gail Fechter who is updating our Youth Shooting program brochure. We also thank the parents who bring their kids every week. We also want to thank Bill Siska who provided us with a customized air refill tank that has made our efforts much easier. And finally, thanks to both Paul Englert and Al Hopkins who recently donated .22lr rounds to our program.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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