Youth Shooting Program Update – March 17th, 2019

Lots happening with our Youth Shooting Program!

First, thanks to Walt Conley, Jim Wieberg and Tim Colf for assembling our new safe that we received from this year’s NRA Foundation grant. This is a major addition to our program, allowing us to safely store our growing collection of rifles, while also serving as an instructional tool for the kids in the proper and safe storage of firearms. Thanks again to members Dave & Doug Scranton from Scranton’s Thruway Builders for taking delivery of the safe for us at their loading docks. Thanks also to Charlie Fissler who picked up the safe from Scranton’s and delivered it over to the club. And thanks as well to those who were “volunteered” as they came into our March 4th General Membership meeting, to carry the modular safe parts into the club. Check out the photo of the assembled safe:

In other news, several of our shooters continue to receive performance awards for their marksmanship with both pellet rifles and BB guns. Shooters are achieving great success in bench, prone, and standing disciplines. Thanks to Dan DeKruger for all his hard work in establishing this part of our program.

It’s hard to believe but we only have four sessions left in our indoor shooting year – March 22, April 12, April 26, and May 10. Last year we had organized days for outdoor shooting but had no attendees. We realize that summer brings many other commitments and activities so we are not planning any formal shooting outdoors this summer. However, those who wish to try shooting at the outdoor range will be accommodated through individual shooting dates. Contact me at if you would like to set up a date to shoot at our outdoor range.

We continue to encourage parents of our shooters to consider joining Ten X. Our membership chairman, Al Hopkins, can get you started in that process. Contact him at to learn more. Shooting together as a family is a way to bring everyone together and it’s an activity you can do well into your retirement years!

Hope to see you at our next session!

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