May 2019 Newsletter

We hope each of our members and readers will have had a happy and blessed Easter and Passover.  Hopefully, too, spring will be here shortly and the wet and cold will be behind us.  The coming membership meeting will be an important one, so without further delay, let’s get to the news:

The next general membership meeting is
May 6, 2019, starting at 7:30 PM at the indoor range at 853 Ransom Road.




● At the May 2019 membership meeting, a proposal will be made by the Chief Range Officer to commit the Club to invest money and install an upgraded air handling and ventilation system in the indoor range.  Two designs will be presented.  If either of those designs are adopted, the Club will be committing the membership to pay for, though savings, assessments, and private loans, several tens of thousands of dollars.  This possibly could result in every member to having to pay substantial annual financial assessments on top of annual dues.  Therefore, every member is welcome to participate and vote at this meeting.  Proxy votes will be accepted as long the proxy is signed and witnessed.  In addition to obtaining bank loans for this project, we may also be applying for Pittman-Robertson grants or other fundraising from outside sources which will mean there will be plenty of work to go around.  If the proposals are rejected, other options will be discussed at the meeting.

● The FIRST EVER membership-wide survey was commissioned and e-mailed out on April 17 to every member that we have an e-mail address for!  This simple 10-question survey has already achieved a greater than 50% response from the members. The results of the survey will be shared at the May 6 meeting.  If you did not see the survey in your e-mail, please check your “Spam” or “Junk Email” folder. Search for an email from “SurveyMonkey”.  If you can’t find your invitation to participate in the 100-percent anonymous survey, please let the Club President know and we will see that another link gets e-mailed out to you!

●  The Western New York Outdoor Pistol League (WNYOPL) has its first match of the season on May 5 at our home range. We are sponsoring a team and need many new shooters. Please contact Jim Gerstung for more information.  Here is the schedule of the first 4 matches:

DATE:                 HOST:                                  LOCATION:
05/05/2019          Ten X                                       at Ten X
05/12/2019          Pinecrest                                 at Tonawanda Sportsmen’s
05/19/2019          Tonawanda Sportsmen           at Tonawanda Sportsmen’s
06/02/2019          Clarence                                 at Ten X


●  The outdoor range spring clean up was held on April 13.  It was one of the largest turnouts ever for a work party.  Special thanks to (and I hope we didn’t leave anyone out!):  Martin G, Mitch V., Jim M., Jim G., Rich U., Rich D., Gail F., Gene F., Mark B., Art E., Jim H., Mark M, John M., Charles M., Mark V., Bruce M., Jim P., Tom E., Bill F., Roy S., Joe Mc., Tom D., Joe M., Al H., Peter V., Carl B., as well as Clarence Shooting Club President John D., and prospective member Jim B..  In all, every item on the Chief Range Officer’s to-do list was done by 10:40 am.  Fantastic job everyone!

●  Special thanks also to Main Roofing who stood behind their work and replaced the couple of tiles that came off in the March windstorm at no additional cost to the club.  If anyone needs a new roof on their house, please consider Randy Main and his team.

●  The combined NFPL and SPL year-end League Banquet will be held at Kotecki’s Gardenview Grove, 4685 Seneca Street, West Seneca, on Saturday April 27, 2019.  Dinner starts at 7:00 with the cash bar open at 6pm.  A number of Ten X members will be presented with awards, so we are asking for as many team members to come out as possible.  If you are interested and still do not have your tickets, please contact Jim Gerstung or Al Hopkins as soon as possible.

All for now.

Good shooting,

Peter Vasilion, President




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