Youth Shooting Update: April 15, 2019

Our session this past Friday the 12th was our most well-attended session in our history! We were joined by four young ladies from the Rochester area, as well as a couple of additional high-school competitive shooters. It says a lot about our program that we have kids coming a distance just to participate – there really are very few programs like ours anywhere in Western New York and the parents of the kids from Rochester were very complementary and grateful for our efforts. The club should truly be proud of what we’re doing for kids and their families.

One challenge we did have was that someone broke the white folding table in the upstairs range that we use as part of our program. Because of that we were limited to eight kids on the line, instead of ten. This resulted in kids having to take shifts for their shooting. We would have been able to let more kids put more rounds down range had we been made aware and been able to replace the table. PLEASE if something breaks on the range be sure to let the Chief Range Officer or the Assistant Range Officer know so that repairs can be made. In the case of the table, it’s not advisable to repair it so we will be needing to replace it. These tables cost around $40 – if anyone is feeling particularly generous and would like to make a donation to pay for our new table, please let me know.

Speaking of generosity, many thanks go out to Youth Group Volunteer Jim Wieberg. Jim has made a donation of $81.00 to the club and has asked that it be allocated towards any costs we have for the Youth Program. We are very grateful for Jim’s donation of time and cash. We will be putting this donation towards some supplies we recently purchased (and will be purchasing) for the program.

We have just two sessions left for this season – Friday April 26th and Friday May 10th. Both start as usual @ 6:30 pm. FOR APRIL 26TH ONLY we will not be able to accommodate new shooters as I will not be in attendance. I will be back on the 10th for our final session of the season, which will be wrapped up with a pizza party for the kids, and final awarding of shooting skill awards by Dan DeKruger.

Finally, while we don’t have any plans for set dates to shoot at the outdoor range, we have had interest from some parents and kids to shoot there sometime during the summer. I will work with those families directly and if/when we settle on a date to shoot I’ll post an update to the website.


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