Summer is well under way and that means that so too is Ten X’s very own version of Steel Challenge Shooting . . . we call it Stogies & Steel!

Though the moniker implies that a good cigar is a requirement for participation, most of you will be happy to learn that it is not!  Anybody who may legally possess a handgun in the State of New York can join us for an entertaining and educational opportunity to work on some of the fundamental aspects of tactical pistol shooting.

Just know that there will likely be a fair number of decent puros polluting up all the air in Newstead as a good smoke always makes everything better!

Inspired by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association, our Club’s very informal meets provide a safe, supervised environment and a relaxed atmosphere to practice with the gun of your choice.  As long as you bring adequate eye and ear protection, you can use any type of handgun.  Any caliber.  Any type of ammo.  Any type of sights or optics.

If you’ve got a holster then this is a great opportunity to work on your draw.  If you don’t have a holster there are still several ways for you to work on your speed and accuracy while transitioning between targets.

We’ve got a timer and a digital display that shows everybody how you’re progressing.  Bragging rights are always on the line.  But that’s really as far as it goes with respect to “competition”.  These weekly shoots are simply a chance for you to work on some basics and to quantify your personal improvement with the help of a clock.

Officially the Club hosts these fun little get-togethers on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.

Unofficially, there is a group of folks who show up EVERY Tuesday night to take advantage of the Club’s great facility at Greenbush Road and to utilize Ten X’s considerable resources.

The range fees are the same for these events as they are for almost all your regular visits to the Range:

$3.00 for Members and $6.00 for their accompanied guests.

We’re mostly fair-weather shooters.  As long as Mother Nature cooperates, we normally start showing up and setting up around 5PM-ish and stay until we’re out of ammo or out of daylight.

You can shoot as much or as little as you want.  But it’s easy to go through a hundred rounds or more so bring plenty to keep yourself busy.

If you hand load, let us know and we’ll do our best to get all your brass back to you at some future date.  If you’ve not yet started this fun and rewarding part of the hobby, there are plenty of folks who will gladly share their experience and perhaps motivate you to take that plunge.

In any event, whether you’ve been shooting for decades or if you just got your first gun last week . . . and regardless of your opinion about cigars . . . Ten X would love to see you at the range.

Come out and shoot with us!

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