Ten X Members Team Up To Get Work Done

Brisk temperatures and rain the day before were no match for a well coordinated band of Club Members who took up the outdoor range work session on Sunday October 13.  Much was accomplished.  Brush and saplings encroaching on the driveway and both shooting ranges were cut back, the grass was mowed, wooden benches and target frames were sealed, target frames were taken in for the winter, and most significantly the statistical building siding project was almost completed.

What was expected to take a full day was accomplished and completed in just over 3 hours.  All of the work was done and members were heading home by 1pm.  This just shows the power of teamwork.

There is some finish work to be done on or before Sunday October 27.  Members interested in coming out to finish the job are needed.  Our acting Chief Range Officer Jim Wieberg is coordinating the work along with Joe McDonald, our volunteer coordinator.

Many thanks are owed to Roy S., Joe Mc., Doug S., Eric R., Jim W., Martin G., Tom E., Chuck M., Mark V., Peter V., life member Dave H., and prospective member Bob for coming out to the work session.

Well done, everyone!


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