December 2019 Newsletter


● The Election of Officers for 2020 will take place at the December meeting. The official ballot is enclosed with this newsletter. You may vote in person or by mail-in/absentee ballot. Ballots mailed in must be in an envelope bearing your return address. Members may only cast one ballot.

To send in mail-in ballots, mail them to Ten X, PO Box 226, Lancaster, NY 14086. Ballots must be received by Friday November 29 to count!

● Dues for 2020 are officially payable as of January 1. There will be a motion to raise dues to $90.00 per year effective January 1 to be voted on by the membership. Also, any member who did not contribute time to the club, and who did not obtain an exemption or are otherwise excused, is subject to the assessment of $50.00 which will be “billed” separately. Any questions concerning the dues will be answered by the Treasurer, Martin Gorman, If you have questions about your work hour, please email either of our Volunteer Coordinators, Jim Okiec or Joe McDonald: and

● The NFPL and SPL leagues continue and match results are being posted to the website pretty much in real time. The next series of matches are:

● On behalf of the entire Club, we wish that each of you have a successful hunting season and that you enjoy a happy and safe Christmas and New Years.

As always, the printable version of this newsletter may be downloaded by clicking this link.  Since this month’s newsletter contains the ballot for this month’s election of officers, every member in good standing will receive a paper copy. 

Good shooting,

Peter Vasilion, President



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    Peter our Club Roster needs to be up-dated to include Joe McDonald, Jim Okiec and the two new members from November .

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