April 2020 Newsletter

The April 2020 General Membership meeting is cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic emergency. 

● We live in unprecedented times. Everyone is aware of the currently public health crisis, so we won’t waste your time by discussing the virus in this newsletter. However, this month’s Membership Meeting and all formal, organized club activities are cancelled until further notice. The range will remain open for casual shooting until facts on the ground warrant otherwise.  Please check our Club’s webpage often for updates.  Members are to follow these rules:

– If you are sick DO NOT visit the Club

– If you feel warm or experience an itchy or sore throat DO NOT visit the Club.

– If you suspect you may have come into contact with someone who is sick, DO NOT visit the Club

DO wash your hands. Use soap and water, not just alcohol based sanitizer.

DO NOT touch your face with your hands after touching any surface or objects. COVID-19 can remain viable on surfaces for hours or perhaps days.

DO cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze.

DO maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and anyone else at the range. Practice good social distancing.

DO follow the CDC and NYS-DOH recommendations to preserve your health.

Until we resume normal operations, be mindful of your fellow club members and guests.  Do you part to prevent the spread of germs.  The fact of the matter is the most of our Club’s members are in an at-risk demographic.  The mean age of a Member is about 65 years old.  So, remember, it is not about you getting sick, its about you unintentionally getting someone older, more infirm than you, sick.

● The NFPL and SPL leagues finished up earlier this month. The year-end awards banquet has been postponed to a future date.  We will update you as soon as we hear news about our standings and awards.

● During this down time, you can still work on your skills.  You do not need as physical range to dry-fire, practice trigger control, sight alignment, breathing, posture or follow-through.  In fact, you can take some time and watch some of these videos, made by National Pistol Champion Brian Zins, for ideas to help improve your game:

Or, check out these videos by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit:

● Our last words this month will be the same as our first words. We are living through history. This will be a national test of character. A time when we learn who we can trust, who we cannot trust, and who is reliable. Be ready by training and drilling. 

Remember the fact that most of you have been exposed to high stress situations.  Many of our members have either served in the military, have walked a beat as a police officer, have run into a burning building, have worked in a hospital or have experienced loss.  

Remember, most of the general public has NONE of that background and experience. 

Be prepared to work as a team.  Be prepared to muster, whether for our Club or our community, and lead by example.  Be ready, in other words, to hold the line.

Good shooting,


Peter Vasilion, President

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