May 2020 Newsletter


●  Also due to the COVID-19 Emergency, the indoor range remains closed to formal activities. The Board will re-assess this after May 15, when the Governor’s Executive Orders expire. The range remains open for casual shooting. As a reminder, members are to follow these rules:

– If you are sick DO NOT visit the Club

– If you feel warm or experience an itchy or sore throat DO NOT visit the Club.

– If you suspect you may have come into contact with someone who is sick,
DO NOT visit the Club

– Please wash your hands. Use soap and water, not just alcohol based sanitizer.

– Please do not touch your face with your hands after touching any surface or objects. COVID-19 can remain viable on surfaces for hours or perhaps days.

– Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze.

– Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and anyone else at the range. Practice good social distancing.

– Do follow the CDC and NYS-DOH recommendations to preserve your health.

● The outdoor range is open for shooting. Steel Plate Challenge will run on Tuesdays from approximately 5:30 pm to dusk. Shooters are reminded to practice “social distancing” even at the outdoor range. Check the Club website or contact Al Hopkins for more information. Alhop28 at

● We hope that you are practicing your dry-fire drills at home and getting ready for the summer outdoor season. We hope to be back to normal soon. Be ready to hold the line.

As usual, you can download a printable copy of this newsletter by clicking this link.



Good shooting,

Peter Vasilion, President

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