June 2020 Update

Ten X Members!

We had a terrific response to our first-ever club meeting via video conference!  Thirty members checked in and almost all stayed for the hour.  We are considering making a video link available for all meetings, even when we return to normal in-person meetings, provided there is an interest from members to invest in an internet link.  

A couple of newsworthy items:

  1.  Organized club activities are still “suspended” due to the Governor’s executive orders.  Once we reach Phase IV, we expect to resume formal regular activities.  Specifically, this means regular Thursday evening practices, the Tuesday night Steel Plate Challenge combat shoots, and (hopefully) WNYOPL and NRA tournament shoots.
  2. For now, members are encouraged to use the range on an informal basis.  At the outdoor range, there is plenty of distance between stations, so we can accommodate 10 shooters at a time, which is permitted at the present time. 
  3. Even though New York’s reopening plans in Phases II, III, and IV will permit us to increase range activities, members may be wary about joining in.  We understand that.  No one is required to participate.  We will try to publish lists of the work that needs to be done at the indoor and outdoor ranges so members can fulfill their work requirements on their own.
  4. The Youth Program is planning on returning next season.  We will be following the public schools’ practices and procedures for winter sports.  Members interested in volunteering should contact Matt G. 
  5. There was some interest expressed in having regular programs for club members, similar to the Stop the Bleed program we hosted in October 2018.  Topics could include advanced first aid, CPR, seminars on Use of Force doctrine in New York, defensive handgun qualification programs, and similar programs.  Some of these would come at a cost due to the fact that we would have to bring in outside instructors.  Please talk up these ideas and let your Board members what you think.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in person soon.  Our next formal General Membership meeting will be the second Monday after labor day, September 14, 2020. 

Good shooting,

Ten X Shooting Club

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