ATTENTION fellow Members of Ten X Shooting Club!

Your Board of Directors recently voted, unanimously, to implement a simple yet significant change in how our Outdoor Range Facility at Greenbush Road will now be utilized for the Good of our Club and to promote the Shooting Sports locally.

Effective 7/18/2020 and for the foreseeable future, a segment of time has been designated as an “Open Shoot” which will allow for, exclusively, Tactical Firearms Training and practice of Personal Defense Techniques.

Every Saturday morning from 8AM until 12NOON the Pistol Range at our Greenbush Road Facility will be set aside for all Members and their accompanied guests who wish to practice their pistol skills outside of Bullseye Shooting.

The Rifle Range will be wholly unaffected by this change.

Other than Club-Sponsored Shoots, the Club’s Ranges remain now, as always, “first come, first served” facilities.  By specifically allocating this portion of the week to those Members who wish to experiment with alternative forms of shooting, we are providing ample opportunity for all of our Members and their accompanied guests to best take advantage of the considerable assets at our disposal.

This change has been made so that all of our current and future Members have access to yet another tool to help promote responsible gun ownership in WNY.

Just as importantly, this “Open Shoot” has been put into place so as to alleviate the rare, but frustrating, occurrences where different groups of shooters want to simultaneously use one range for different disciplines.

Naturally, it takes time to prepare and set up a course of fire for even the most fundamental Defensive or Tactical shooting session.  Having time carved out to allow all of our Members the opportunity to shoot without rushing through their drills should make for a much more rewarding practice session.

Further, Members who arrive at the Range after Saturday’s Open Tactical Shoot can now be certain there will be little chance of conflict or the frustration of wasted time waiting to shoot. This will undoubtedly make for a much more enjoyable day at the Range.

It is important to ensure, as a considerate Member, that at 12:01PM, any Club-approved equipment (tarps, barrels, barriers, steel targets, timers, etc. – and all of your spent brass) has been vacated from the Range so that any other Members and their accompanied guests may then utilize the facility as they so desire.

No extra fees will be due. Your current Range Fee of $3.00 per each Member and $6.00 per each of your accompanied guests entitles you to access all of Ten X’s impressive resources.

Look for this change to appear on our Calendar, along with all the Club’s other exciting goings-on, at

As with any new procedure, there’s bound to be some confusion as we roll out this modified schedule. If you’ve got any questions about how you may take advantage of this new “Open Shoot”, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Members of the Club’s Board.

Come out and shoot with us!

And bring your EDC gun or your new belt and holster or your shotgun or whatever other paraphernalia you’d like to get proficient with so as to better defend your home and to protect yourself and those for whom you are responsible.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this new opportunity!


Martin Gorman

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