Youth Program Summer 2020 Update

Hi everyone – now that the Governor has announced his plans for reopening schools we have a better idea of what the expectations are in terms of the required set-up of a “learning” environment – be it in school or in a recreational setting.   

After a review of those requirements, and our own internal review of our facilities and abilities, we regret to announce that we will not be able to resume our program in September.

 It probably won’t come as a surprise to any of you that we simply cannot come up with a way where we can have the standard six feet of separation at our indoor ranges and have any more than two or three shooters on the line at any given time. We thought about the possibility of putting up plexiglass between each shooting position but we would still have the social distancing considerations for the instructors working with the shooters, as well as all the other interaction that the kids have with each other. And downstairs, where we mix prone, sitting, and standing, the plexiglass would not be feasible. This, unfortunately, prohibits us from being able to confidently provide the shooters with a shooting environment that meets with the Federal and State guidelines for safety. As well, the consideration of the health of our instructors, many of whom are over the age of 60, is an important factor in this decision.

 That said, we will continuously monitor the situation and if we find that the Federal and State guidelines are eased so that we can resume our program, we hope to get it started as quickly as possible following any such announcement. Our entire club is saddened that we can’t resume the program at this time – especially the instructors. We’ll keep in touch and look forward to when we can all gather again as a group.

 One final thought – for those who are not currently members of Ten-X – and this is not a membership “pitch” – you might consider joining the club at this time. For a very affordable yearly cost you can shoot 24/7 indoors and from dusk to dawn outdoors. You would be able to bring guests (including, of course, family) to shoot at any time the club is not closed for sanctioned activities (which is the vast majority of the time.)  The club is open for use to all members at this time, with the expectation that those who come to shoot will follow standard protocols for health and safety. If you would like additional information on membership, please visit our website or feel free to reach out to me for more information.

 Stay well and good shooting.


Matt Giansante

Youth Shooting Program Coordinator

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