2020-2021 league shooting

Winter leagues will begin this week with the use of masks, social distancing and assigned range time.

– All NFPL and SPL Matches will be shot as “postal” and at home.

– You may shoot them alone, or with a friend, At any time prior to the match due date.

– Match due date will be 9:00 p.m. on Thursday for that weeks match.

– All NRA match conditions are to be followed.

– You must accept your score, even if it is not what you would like.

-Put your fee in the cash box (SPL – $2, NFPL – $3) , Print your name in the log book and indicate that it is for the league (ex. John Smith – SPL- $2)

– Print your name on your score card and targets and indicate what match it is for  ( ex. John Smith – NFPL Week 1)

– Leave your score card AND targets on the sign in desk, they will be collected every Thursday night.

We will also have range time available with social distancing as follows:

Thursday night shooting: 

– Masks will be required to enter the building on Thursday Nights.

– Shooting only on positions 1, 4, 7 and 10 both upstairs and downstairs to provide social  distancing and limit the building occupancy.

Relay 1 ( 8 shooters total) – 7:00pm 

– You shoot one relay

– You score the relay

– You leave before the next group of shooters arrive

Relay 2 ( 8 shooters total) – 8:00pm (7:50 arrival time)

Additional relays may be shot immediately following Relay 2 as needed


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