Facebook Muzzles NYSRPA

Late today, we received word that Facebook shut down the official NYSRPA Facebook account and the personal accounts of NYSRPA President Tom King and NYSRPA Bullet publisher, Carl Gottstein.   Unfortunately, this appears par for the course lately.  And, these events potentially have implications for Ten X and all other gun clubs or Second Amendment organizations who maintain a social media presence.   We hope that you would be sufficiently outraged to write your state and federal elected representatives.  There is so much at stake.  Ten X needs you to stay connected and grow our membership. 

Attached below is the email bulletin from NYSRPA President King.  Subscribing to the NYSRPA and Ten X websites might be a good idea to help keep you informed of important events that affect your gun rights.


Fellow Gun Owners,
The NYSRPA is happy to announce a new email alert list that will bring you the latest information regarding your Second Amendment rights as well as any other pertinent information of interest to our community.
The email alert system has evolved out of necessity. The social media giants who control the platforms familiar to all of us have chosen to declare that my Facebook page as well as Carl Gottstein’s does not conform to their community standards; therefore they de- platformed both of us. More importantly this loss of our personal accounts makes it impossible for either of us to post on the NYSRPA Facebook page, essentially muzzling our voices of reason during these turbulent time.
Because of these draconian moves of the social media censors we decided to go old school. We are going to use the resources we control like our website, podcasts and this alert list. We are also experimenting with the social media newcomer MeWe please check us out on that site.
Finally, Please pass this email to all your friends and contacts. Help us help you with all of the latest information in our world. Visit our website to either sign up or see the latest court cases. Most of all don’t give up the fight we can win if we all pull together
Tom King
Cogito ergo armatum sum


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