March 2021 Newsletter

The next general membership meeting is
March 1, 2021 at 7:30 PM at 853 Ransom Road

● One year ago, we had the last normal membership meeting. The world rapidly changed after March 4 and we wound up cancelling meeting after meeting because no one understood COVID. But, Ten X survived. And our membership survived. We are not aware that any of our members passing away, and more importantly, no member or guest became infected from using our Club, even with the shoulder-to-shoulder pistol leagues resuming this past October. As your Club President, I want to thank each of our members who stuck with us and who used the range with attention and care for your fellow shooters. We as a Club should be thankful and stronger in the knowledge that we can operate safely in difficult times. You, as a member, can be proud that we stayed open, put into place common sense precautions and limited few activities. Other shooting clubs took risks and are not as well off as Ten X is at this time.

● Last month, the Club passed an update code of conduct. There is always room for improvement and any member wishing to make suggestions should send a note to any Board member. We expect to update the Code of Conduct again later this year.

● The Suburban Pistol ended the match season in February. Despite COVID, we had excellent participation with 8 Wins – 4 Losses Actual, 11 Wins – 1 Loss Handicap.

All of the season’s results are posted on the website. We hope to have league results soon.

● The NFPL season will continue though this month. The last set of matches are as follows:

● The March 2021 General Membership meeting will be held in person and virtually for those wishing to maintain social distance. Here is the link:
Meeting ID: 896 6281 2311
Passcode: 549753

● As always, a printable version of this newsletter can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Good shooting,
Peter Vasilion, President

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