Youth Shooting Program Update – March 2nd, 2021

While we’re all pleased to see the decline in overall cases, hospitalizations, and of course deaths related to Covid, we are still unable to restart the program with the current social distancing restrictions that are in place. And while we are aware that there is a strong possibility that those distancing restrictions may be reduced or even eliminated in the coming weeks, we also are at a point in the year where restarting the program for this season would really be impractical. Our program always ends on the 2nd Friday of May – by the time we could get started we would likely only get a couple or three sessions in – and that doesn’t factor in the Easter break, a time when our attendance is historically light. With all of that in mind, our very strong expectation is that we will resume the regular Friday evening program in September – specifically, September 24th. We always start the fourth Friday in September and end on the second Friday in May. It’s hard to imagine that our country will not be in a place where we can’t resume in September, and we are moving forward with that mindset.

HOWEVER, we are considering having a “family” shoot at our outdoor range this summer. Generally the thinking would be that the kids could come out and shoot as they normally would, but outdoors. As well, for the kids ages 12+ we would have some larger caliber rifles for them to try (likely in the Remington 223 caliber – either bolt action or perhaps AR models.) Instructor Walt Conley is very interested in helping with this and between the instructors we all have enough rifles for the kids to try. As well, parents/guardians would also be able to shoot that day – hence a “family” shoot. If you own your own firearms you’d be able to use those (our range officers would check your gun as we do any firearms brought to our ranges) but for parents who do not own firearms, we would provide those for you. While not completely determined, we would likely do this on a Saturday or Sunday, probably right after school ends (late June, early July.) The current ammunition shortage is a consideration regarding this event. While we would likely have enough of the 22lr ammunition (and pellets are never a problem) there could be an issue with availability of the larger caliber ammunition. If we do have parents shooting we likely will ask you to make an additional contribution for the cost of your ammunition. If we receive enough interest soon enough we will start to source ammunition now so that we would hopefully have it available at the range the day of the event. Please contact Matt Giansante via e-mail if you have interest in participating in an event like this. Matt’s e-mail is The sooner we are able to gauge interest, the sooner we can determine if we’ll hold the event. As always, membership is not a requirement to participate in the youth program. 

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