May 2021 Newsletter

The next general membership meeting is May 3, 2021, at 7:30 PM at 853 Ransom Road, Lancaster.

The May 3, 2021, meeting will be held both in-person and by Zoom video link.  Check the club calendar for the Zoom link.


● At the May membership meeting, the First Reading of a proposed amendment to the Club Constitution will be made. This proposed amendment is to add a new class of membership for Junior Team members.

This class would be open to any youth ages 13 to 21 for the express purpose of joining one or more of the Ten X Shooting Club sponsored competition teams.  There would be no requirement that the prospective Junior Team Member’s parent or guardian be a member of Ten X.  If adopted, the New Clause would be inserted as Clause 3 of Article 3, Membership, and the existing Clause 3 would be renumbered to be Clause 4.

The difference between a Junior Member and a Junior Team Member is this: a regular Junior member can use the club anytime, as long as they are supervised by a responsible member and they pay the ordinary range fee. Junior Team Member would be restricted to team activities only and can only shoot under the supervision of the sponsoring team’s coach or captain

The proposed amendment and a proxy are included with this newsletter.  Pursuant to the Club Constitution, the proposed amendment must be read aloud and voted on at two successive meetings before it can be adopted. A member may only vote once which is why the proxy is not anonymous. The link for the proxy is at the bottom of this post.

● As of May 1, 2021, the outdoor range gate combination will change! The new combination is also the combination for the bathrooms. The outdoor range combination code may not be shared with former members, guests, or any other non-member. [ REMAINDER OF THIS PARAGRAPH APPEARS IN THE MEMBER’S ONLY PAPER NEWSLETTER ]

● The Western New York Outdoor Pistol League (WNYOPL) will have a season this year after the 2020 COVID hiatus. The Canadian teams are not participating this year due to border issues and the season will only run fourteen (14) weeks. We are sponsoring a team and need many new shooters. Please contact Jim Gerstung for more information.

● The outdoor range is open for shooting. Steel Plate Challenge will run on Tuesdays from approximately 5:30 pm to dusk. Shooters are reminded to practice “social distancing” even at the outdoor range. Check the Club website or contact Al Hopkins for more information. Alhop28 at

● The Notice of Proposed Constitutional Amendment can be downloaded by clicking this link.

As always, a printable version of this newsletter can be downloaded by clicking this link.

The ZOOM link for the May 3, 2021, meeting can be accessed by clicking this link.

Good Shooting,

Ten X Shooting Club


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