Midsummer 2021 Newsletter

The next General Membership meeting is Monday September 13, 2021, at 7:30 pm at the Indoor Range at 853 Ransom Road.

● This Newsletter should arrive in your mail around the Independence Day holiday. The last 365 days presented everyone, the Club included, with monumental challenges. The Club is as strong as is was before the shutdown, and we are thankful. For this Independence Day, we hope that you will take some time to practice your second amendment rights with your family.

● Included with this newsletter is the official club roster. Please do not share this “members only” document with anyone from outside the club. The roster is provided so that you, the individual member, can coordinate with your other members for car pooling, trading work detail assignments, and similar club functions. If you have questions or see that information needs to be corrected, contact our Treasurer, Martin, or our Membership Chairman, Al.

● The outdoor range combination code was changed in May. If you forget the code, feel free to call, text or email any of the Board members.

● The Western New York Outdoor Pistol League (WNYOPL) continues. The next series of match dates are as follows. Please consider coming out and shooting or helping us run our home matches! They are tons of fun and you will get to know some of the most generous people in the world who want to help you be a more proficient pistol shooter!

● Steel Plate Challenge continues to run on Tuesdays from approximately 5:30 pm to dusk at the outdoor range. Check the Club website or contact Al Hopkins for more information. Alhop28 at yahoo.com.

● At last month’s meeting, the Club approved unanimously the creation of a new class of junior members – the junior team member. This will allow our club to grow and bring young shooters into the hobby. We also welcomed our first junior team member into the club. With this new class of members, we will be implementing out junior program in September. Stay tuned!

Good shooting,
Peter Vasilion, President

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