Ten X Youth Shooting Program Resumes September 17th!

I’ve been waiting to write that headline for 18 months! Everything is a go for our first session of the year, which will be a week from this coming Friday, September 17th. As always, first round downrange is at 6:30pm. If you are new or are bringing someone new, be sure to arrive by 6pm so the new participatnt can go through the safety and firearms familiarity training.

Here are a few things that are different as we resume.

  • First, we will be asking everyone to sign a form that acknowledges that no one has knowingly been in contact with anyone with Covid or has signs/symptoms of Covid. We will need these filled out for everyone each time you attend, both participants and parents/guardians (parents are to fill out for their kids.) 
  • The second difference, as we announced earlier this summer, is that for those shooting 22lr downstairs you have the option of providing your own ammunition or you can purchase ammunition from the club for $5 for the night. The current ammunition shortage and cost of ammunition necessitated our taking this step
  • Third, the nightly fee has been raised from $3 to $5. As always, if cost would prohibit you or anyone you want to bring from participating, do not worry – just come and shoot. No need to say anything – just sign in and mark that you paid. Our policy is and always has been that no kid will ever be refused the opportunity to shoot due to cost.
  • We are shooting this year on the first and third Fridays of each month, not the 2nd and 4th. This will allow us to get at least three more shooting sessions in, avoiding holidays that typically interfered with shooting nights.

ALSO – in an effort to raise some money for the program we are going to be doing a lottery raffle during the month of November. We’ll have more information on that at our first shoot but we appreciate everyone considering buying and trying to sell some tickets.

Please feel free to reach out to Matt Giansante, Ten X Youth Shooting Program Coordinator with any questions. (matt@olm1.com) Otherwise, we look forward to seeing everyone on the 17th!


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