November 2021 Newsletter

The next general membership meeting is November 1, 2021, at 7:30 PM at the Indoor Range.

This month’s meeting will be streamed live on Zoom for those who are out of town or have covid-related concerns.  The Zoom link will appear on the Events Calendar (use the EVENTS drop down tab above) the day of the meeting.  This is to prevent hackers and evesdroppers.  As always, a printable PDF version of this month’s Club Newsletter is attached below

● The Suburban Pistol League and Niagara Frontier Pistol League seasons started earlier this month. Everyone, regardless of experience or still level, is encouraged to join in one or both of these weekly leagues. They are being fired “postal” style, which means all matches are held at our club this year. The next match dates are:

● November is also the annual meeting for nominations for club officers to serve in 2022. The election will be held in December. All positions are open for nominations. This year will be one to remember! There are already FOUR board positions that will not have an incumbent officer. That is half of the Club’s Board. If you are interested in running, you should. If you have questions about any office, ask any Board Member. If you want to change the club’s direction, you will absolutely have an opportunity to do this with this election!

● The Youth Marksmanship program is running every other Friday. We are always looking for volunteers to help mentor students. The program meets from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This is a great opportunity for members to complete their service time requirement. People interested in lending a hand should contact the program coordinator, Matt G..

● The NRA Precision Pistol Indoor Sectional will return to Ten X this March (4th to 6th)! This is a 90-shot, .22 caliber only, competition that allows you to compare your skills with other shooters across the county! Scores are ranked nationally according to your average. The match takes about 2 hours to shoot and is very fun. Everyone should consider trying this one out!

The printable version of the newsletter can be downloaded by clicking this link

Good shooting,


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