January 2022 Newsletter

The next General Membership Meeting will be Monday, January 3, 2022 at the Indoor Range located at 853 Ransom Road, Lancaster.

Good Tidings, fellow members!

● Ten X Shooting Club will have a dynamic new face in 2022! Congratulations to Al Hopkins on his election as President of the Club. Congratulations also to the following new Board Members: Doug Scranton (2nd Vice President), Walt Conley (3rd Vice President), Robert Smith (Assistant Range Officer). It is wonderful to see new names and see so many people interested in making a difference.

● Membership dues are “due” on January 1. Regular membership remains $110.00 and key fobs are still $10.00. The annual work assessment is $75.00. Make your check payable to Ten X Shooting Club, Inc., and mail it to P.O. Box 226, Lancaster, NY 14086. If any member is concerned about making a late payment or what happens if they miss the cut-off date to renew, they should contact our Treasurer, Martin, at tenxtreasurer@hotmail.com

● The next series of NFPL and SPL league matches are as follows:

● Our Chief Range Officer, Jim, has compiled a list of small projects that are on our “To Do” list.  If you have not fulfilled your annual volunteer obligations, this is an excellent way complete your work hours before January:

Paint is in lower range wall cabinet and on the floor. Paint supplies are in gray tote.  Contact Chief Range Officer Jim Wieberg with any concerns 716.213.3663 or TENXCHIEFRO[at]gmail.com

● NRA INDOOR SECTIONAL MATCH APPROVED.  We received official NRA approval to host the Indoor Pistol Sectionals for 2022.  We are looking for volunteers to staff the NRA Indoor Pistol Sectional Match which will be held at out indoor range from March 4 to March 6. There will be an online sign up sheet posted to the website by the end of January. Interested volunteers should contact Joe McDonald – joemc1010[at]aol.com or Jim Okiec bigjim80[at]gmail.com.


This is my last Newsletter to the Ten X Membership.  It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve as your president for the last thirteen or so years.

With your support, Ten X accomplished so much over the past decade and a half that it is hard to put all the accomplishments into a few sentences.  Over this time, you made improvements to both of our ranges – from roofs to furnaces, to lighting,  and to everything in between. We created a youth shooting program and received over $10,000 worth of NRA grant money for the program. We received a donation of 10 Crossman Air Rifles worth over $5,000, and a donation from the Youth Shooting Academy of rifles and cash worth at least that much. 

We resisted Cuomo’s SAFE Act, and engaged our membership to stand up for the Second Amendment and responsible shooting sports.  We hosted ECMC’s Stop the Bleed seminar on first aid.  Most recently, we met the challenges of COVID-19 without losing any member to the disease or completely shutting down our facility unlike other clubs in the area.  We completed many smaller projects, all too numerous to list. Every current and former member should be proud of our Club.

Challenges lay ahead that require every member to put the Club’s interest ahead of their own.  We face many challenges, indeed we face threats to our continued operation and existence from the State and local governments that must be addressed professionally and firmly. Every member will play a role.  There is pressure to eliminate lead ammunition, impose stricter outdoor and indoor controls that effect our ability to operate.  There is pressure from development and new neighbors around both of our ranges.  And, there is pressure on our facilities coming from the fact that our ranges are over 50-years old and target sports and range technology have evolved over this time.  Ten X must grow.  Each of you will play an important role in this.  On this date, December 23, 245 years ago, Thomas Paine wrote his pamphlet, The American Crisis.  Today, the times try men’s souls, just as they did in 1776.  Like the revolutionaries of that day, this is the time where everyone must be a Winter Soldier and Twilight Patriot.   Get proficient in your chosen shooting sport.  Be prepared and stand ready.  And, continue to hold the line.

Thank you for your support and good luck to everyone in the years ahead. 

Good shooting,

P. Vasilion, President

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