Youth Shooting Program Update – January 1, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that the holiday season was wonderful for all of you. We’ll be back at it this Friday, January 7th – first round downrange @ 6:30pm. New shooters, as always, arrive @ 6pm for safety and firearms orientation.

We have good news for those who shoot downstairs. As a result of the November lottery funds raised, we were able to secure a case of 22lr ammunition and for the balance of this shooting season we’ll be able to drop the additional $5 charge for ammunition. So, the cost will be $5 per session whether you’re shooting upstairs or downstairs. Thanks to the many Ten X members and the youth shooting program families who supported our lottery as it allowed us to achieve our goal of removing the additional $5 ammo charge. And a reminder that anyone who wants to shoot but would find the cost to be prohibitive, our standing policy is that no kid is refused. Simply come shoot and don’t worry about the fee – no need to say anything to anyone about it – we trust everyone and want to have as many kids as possible participate. If your kids currently shoot but you know of other kids who might like to shoot, but cost would be a concern, please let them know of our policy, as well.

We also want to give special thanks to the Krey family for the fantastic, homemade Christmas cookies that they brought to our final December shoot. It was a huge tray and was pretty much gone before everyone left!

A reminder that, while we haven’t seen much of winter yet, our weather “closing” policy follows the Lancaster Central School District. If LCSD is closed on a Friday that we are scheduled to shoot, youth shooting is cancelled. If after school activities are cancelled for LCSD – same thing – youth shooting is cancelled.

One note for the future – there will be no shooting on Friday, March 4th. Ten X regularly runs an NRA sanctioned bullseye pistol tournament the first week of March and the range will be needed for that event. In the past this was not a conflict for us as we didn’t shoot on the first Friday of the month, as we do now. So, in March, our only shooting day will be March 18th.

A note for Ten X Members – we are always happy to have additional hands to help at our shooting nights. Reach out to Matt Giansante (matt with questions or just show up @ 6pm any youth shooting night. It’s a great way to fulfill your work hours, but more important, it’s a great thing you’re doing for the kids and the future of the sport we all love.


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