2021/2022 Youth Shooting Season

Our final youth shooting session of the season was held this past Friday the 20th. We had great attendance for the final session and wrapped up the season with our annual pizza party and the awarding of NRA marksmanship certificates and patches for seven shooters. Thanks to Dan DeKruger for all his help on the marksmanship awards. And thanks to all the families who brought snacks and goodies for the party.

Overall we were very pleased with the season. Resuming a year and a half after we had to pause due to Covid we were not sure how the turnout would be. Happily we had great turnout from both returning shooters and many new shooters. We’re happy to report that since the founding of the program in 2016 (and our first shooting in the 2017/18 season) we are now over 100 individual participants who have shot with us. Considering that we had over a full year where we could not shoot due to Covid, this is a great accomplishment.

As always, I want to thank our many volunteers who show up week in, week out, to support the program. I’ve mentioned many times that, as far as we know, ours is the only youth shooting program in the area. And considering the small size of our club, it’s all the more impressive that we have such great support from so many members who volunteer their time to support the program. Without the volunteers, this program would not exist.

I also want to thank our Board of Directors for their ongoing support of the program. The BOD has always been supportive from the beginning, which has been integral to the success of the program. Thanks, too, to the entire membership – in one way or the other most of our members have helped the program out.

Our 2022/2023 season will begin on Friday, September 16th. Each August our volunteers get together to discuss how to improve the program, review our supplies and gear, etc. Notice of that meeting will come out later in the summer but if you are interested in volunteering for the youth program please send me an e-mail and I’ll add you to our instructor e-mail list.

If you are looking for more information for your child to participate in the program, please see the links on the website for our youth program. For any additional questions please e-mail Matt Giansante at matt@olm1.com

Finally, if you want to find out more about the competitive youth shooting program Ten X offers, please see the link on the website or e-mail Mark Martzolf at mtmartzolf@hotmail.com

Thanks for a great season of shooting! 

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