July Newsletter

Summer is here! I hope you all are finding time to enjoy the outdoor range. There are many things happening over the summer including:

Sundays: The Western New York Outdoor Pistol League is underway and we need shooters. If you are able to shoot please contact Jim G. or Jim O.

Thursdays: Outdoor bullseye practice will be held on Thursday nights at 7:00, weather permitting.

Tuesdays: Steel challenge practice will be held on Tuesdays at the outdoor range. “Officially” we shoot every second and fourth Tuesday beginning at 5:30, weather permitting.    

As always, keep an eye of the website calendar for events and times.

Our next regular business meeting will be held on Monday September 12th, however our Board will be working throughout the summer. The next Board meeting will be held on July 18th. Should you have anything that needs attention please contact any Board member.

Al Hopkins, President

Ten X shooting Club

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