Supreme Court Holds the Sullivan Law Unconstitutional; New York Doubles Down

Last week the United States Supreme Court issued the long-anticipated decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association vs. Bruen. The decision is already being considered a landmark ruling. There are many articles online that explain the decision and, more importantly, how the lawsuit came to be. We will post links to some of the best writings below. If we can distill the ruling down to its essential holding, the Court held that the right to self defense applies outside the home as well as inside the home, and, further, the discretionary “may issue” permitting scheme set forth in New York Penal Law Section 400 was arbitrary.

Instead of taking the drubbing with grace, which California (!) did, New York has doubled down with the Democrat Party controlled State Assembly and State Senate passing an even more draconian scheme. The new law makes permits renewable every three years, designates nearly every public space a “sensitive area” where concealed carrying is prohibited, and requires permit holders to submit to a new, 16-hour, training course annually. Property owners must conspicuously post a sign indicating that concealed weapons are allowed on their property; otherwise the law presumes all property owners do not want people to possess a pistol on their premises.

New lawsuits have already been filed against this new law, most conspicuously by Carl Paladino here locally. In addition, the 1791 Society PAC has commenced a lawsuit challenging New York’s standard capacity magazine ban, and the law’s new requirements that you obtain a permit to possess a semi-automatic rifle or shotgun.

For a good take on why the legislature rage-legislated its way into a new Constitutional quagmire, we recommend Bob Lonsberry’s take, which you can find at this link.

Ten X Shooting Club is looking at the new training requirements and looking at how we can become certified to provide the new, required, training for members. In the meantime, we recommend all members get registered to vote and get prepared to become active, unlike anything you have been before. And, we recommend that you get to the range and get proficient. Exercising your right to self-defense is the best rebuke to New York that we can think of.

Good shooting,

Peter Vasilion, Esq.

Here are some links explaining the decision and how we got here:

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