Winter leagues

From Captain Sekuterski:

Suburban and Niagara Frontier Pistol leagues will start with home matches.

SPL – Tuesday – 10/11/2022

NFPL – Thursday – 10/13/2022

September 29, 2022 – 7 PM we will be holding an organizational meeting, followed by a practice session.

We encourage anyone that is interested to show up. WE LOVE NEW SHOOTERS!!!! “New shooters” tend to be the main members of the handicap team. As there ability gets better, their handicap score gets higher and higher.

Seasoned shooters come and shake off the rust and get back in the swing of shooting.

NFPL and SPL league fees are $10 per year. Each match cost $3. Schedules will be available.

SPL Captians – Jim Okiec & Don Kwiatkowski

NFPL Captians – Tim & Dennis Sekuterski

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