Final Youth Shooting Session for the Season

This coming Friday, May 20th, will be the last session for the season for the youth shooting program. New shooters are welcome anytime – arrive @ 6pm if you’re new. Otherwise, first round downrange is 6:30pm.

Hope to see you this Friday!

Youth Shooting Update

Our second to last session of the year is this Friday, May 6th. We always welcome new shooters no matter where we are in the season so if you know of someone who wants to shoot with us for the first time, have them arrive @ 6pm. First round downrange will be @ 6:30pm.

Our final session for the season will be Friday, May 20th. For those who plan in advance our first session for the new season starting in the Fall will be Friday, September 16th!

Hope to see everyone this Friday.

Youth Shooting Update – March 13th

Our next shooting date is Friday, March 18th. First round downrange is 6:30pm. New shooters please arrive @ 6pm for safety and firearms orientation.

Following March 18th, our remaining shooting dates are April 1st, April 15th, May 6th and May 20th.

If you have any questions please e-mail Matt Giansante, Ten X Youth Shooting Program Coordinator at

Youth Shooting Cancelled – Friday, February 4th

Per our policy to following the winter weather closing schedule of the Lancaster Central School District, as they are closed today, February 4th, there will be no youth shooting this evening. Our next shooting night will be Friday, February 18th. Stay warm and safe.

Youth Shooting Program Update – January 1, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that the holiday season was wonderful for all of you. We’ll be back at it this Friday, January 7th – first round downrange @ 6:30pm. New shooters, as always, arrive @ 6pm for safety and firearms orientation.

We have good news for those who shoot downstairs. As a result of the November lottery funds raised, we were able to secure a case of 22lr ammunition and for the balance of this shooting season we’ll be able to drop the additional $5 charge for ammunition. So, the cost will be $5 per session whether you’re shooting upstairs or downstairs. Thanks to the many Ten X members and the youth shooting program families who supported our lottery as it allowed us to achieve our goal of removing the additional $5 ammo charge. And a reminder that anyone who wants to shoot but would find the cost to be prohibitive, our standing policy is that no kid is refused. Simply come shoot and don’t worry about […]

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Youth Shooting this Friday, October 1st

We had an excellent turnout back on September 17th for our first session since the Covid shutdown. All of us involved in the youth program weren’t really sure how things would go, but the response was great. We’ll be back at it this coming Friday, October 1st. First round downrange is @ 6:30pm. As always, new shooters are asked to arrive @ 6pm for a safety and firearms orientation. We will also have tickets for sale for the November lottery to benefit the youth program. We look forward to seeing new and returning shooters. E-mail Matt Giansante, Ten X Youth Shooting Program Coordinator at with any questions.

Youth Shooting Fundraiser

The Youth Shooting program is holding a lottery fundraiser in the month of November. Each ticket will have four numbers (chances) to win every day during the month of November. The lottery is based on the winning three-digit New York State Lottery evening number. Each ticket is just $5 and the daily prize is $20.

Members are encouraged to purchase tickets at the October general membership meeting. We will also hand out tickets to any members who are willing to help sell the tickets for us.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing tickets (or members who would like tickets prior to the October general membership meeting) may contact Matt Giansante @ 716-622-0705 or via e-mail at to do so.

Thanks for your help in supporting the Ten X Youth Shooting program!

Volunteers Needed September 25th

The Elma Conservation Club will be hosting a National Hunting and Fishing Day program on September 25 at their club grounds. Ten X is providing Air Rifles to be used by the youth attendees on a small Target Range. Our intention is to promote not only our Youth Programs but to also recruit new Adult Members. We had good results at the 2019 event – 2020 was not held due to Covid. We urgently need additional volunteers to assist us this Saturday. If you are able to participate contact Matt Giansante or Mark Martzolf .We need help for two shifts, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. We especially need help for the afternoon shift. Thank you in advance.

Ten X Youth Shooting Program Resumes September 17th!

I’ve been waiting to write that headline for 18 months! Everything is a go for our first session of the year, which will be a week from this coming Friday, September 17th. As always, first round downrange is at 6:30pm. If you are new or are bringing someone new, be sure to arrive by 6pm so the new participatnt can go through the safety and firearms familiarity training.

Here are a few things that are different as we resume.

First, we will be asking everyone to sign a form that acknowledges that no one has knowingly been in contact with anyone with Covid or has signs/symptoms of Covid. We will need these filled out for everyone each time you attend, both participants and parents/guardians (parents are to fill out for their kids.) The second difference, as we announced earlier this summer, is that for those shooting 22lr downstairs you have the option of providing your own ammunition or you can purchase ammunition from the club for $5 for the […]

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Youth Shooting Program Update – 6/20/21

We are pleased to announce that we fully expect that the Youth Shooting Program will resume this coming September. Mark your calendars for Septebmer 17th as our first shoot. There are a few changes for the upcoming year:

Instead of shooting on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month, we will be shooting on the 1st and third Fridays of every month. This will afford us three more opportunities to shoot. In the past we only shot once in November, December, and May. With this revised schedule, we will add back in our 2nd week of shooting in those months. After several years of holding the cost at $3 per shooter, we do need to increase the cost per shooter to $5. By bringing in more money for the program we will be able to continue to keep up with the supplies and equipment we need to maintain the program. Likely everyone is aware of the severe ammunition shortage that shooters around the country are facing. As a […]

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