ATTENTION fellow Members of Ten X Shooting Club!

Your Board of Directors recently voted, unanimously, to implement a simple yet significant change in how our Outdoor Range Facility at Greenbush Road will now be utilized for the Good of our Club and to promote the Shooting Sports locally.

Effective 7/18/2020 and for the foreseeable future, a segment of time has been designated as an “Open Shoot” which will allow for, exclusively, Tactical Firearms Training and practice of Personal Defense Techniques.

Every Saturday morning from 8AM until 12NOON the Pistol Range at our Greenbush Road Facility will be set aside for all Members and their accompanied guests who wish to practice their pistol skills outside of Bullseye Shooting.

The Rifle Range will be wholly unaffected by this change.

Other than Club-Sponsored Shoots, the Club’s Ranges remain now, as always, “first come, first served” facilities. By specifically allocating this portion of the week to those Members who wish to experiment with alternative forms of shooting, we are providing ample opportunity […]

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Treasurer’s June Update

Greetings Ten X Members!

Here is a quick reminder of just how important your Range Fees are to your Club. And a plea to all our Members that you don’t take for granted your obligation to Ten X when you use our considerable resources to help you fill your leisure time with your favorite activity.

Normally, your Range Fees account for about 13% (maybe slightly more) of all the income of this fine Club. Normally, Range Fees simply augment the rest of our annual income. And, clearly, though it’s just $3 or $6 at-a-time for each of us and our Guests, these token contributions add up. And fast!

This year, for obvious reasons, things are considerably different. With the lack of income from Club-sanctioned activities and the prohibition of our participation in the many local competitive shooting leagues, your Range Fees have become more important than ever.

So far this year, and we’re not even to the half-way point of 2020, Range Fees have accounted for a whopping 23.25% […]

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It’s that time of year again . . . Your annual Membership Dues should be submitted to Ten X by the first day of every calendar year.

As per usual, there’s a bit of leeway here.  At the very latest please get your payments in to the Club prior to the conclusion of the General Membership meeting on Monday the 3rd of February, 2020.

Dues for 2020 are $110.00

Annual 2020 rental fee for an Indoor Range Key Fob is $10.00

Assessment for not fulfilling your Volunteer Obligation in 2020 is $75.00 (If you fail to get all your work in for 2020, you will owe an assessment of $75.00 in 2021).

Most of you already have $50.00 deposited in an escrow account with Ten X.  That means that most of you will owe an additional one-time payment of $25.00 in order to fully fund your Work Assessment Volunteer Escrow (WAVE) account.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding the fulfillment of your 2019 Volunteer Obligation […]

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Summer is well under way and that means that so too is Ten X’s very own version of Steel Challenge Shooting . . . we call it Stogies & Steel!

Though the moniker implies that a good cigar is a requirement for participation, most of you will be happy to learn that it is not! Anybody who may legally possess a handgun in the State of New York can join us for an entertaining and educational opportunity to work on some of the fundamental aspects of tactical pistol shooting.

Just know that there will likely be a fair number of decent puros polluting up all the air in Newstead as a good smoke always makes everything better!

Inspired by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association, our Club’s very informal meets provide a safe, supervised environment and a relaxed atmosphere to practice with the gun of your choice. As long as you bring adequate eye and ear protection, you can use any type […]

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2016 Dues and Assessments

Attention Members,

As per usual, annual Membership dues should be submitted to the Club by the first of every calendar year.

Recently there has been discussion about raising our dues. In order to ensure the continued financial viability of Ten X, this issue will be more fully addressed in coming months. However, at this time NO changes have been made to the Schedule of Fees for 2016.


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Saturday Work Party Update

Howdy gang:

We had a fair turnout for the indoor range clean up today. Thanks are owed to the following members who came out: Paul Englert (Life Member), Gail Fechter, Jim Gerstung, Martin Gorman, Scott Hartman, Don Kwiatkowski, Jim Mills, Chris Mornelli, Irv Reinig, Mitch Vogel and Tom Wisiorek. Thanks are also owed to prospective member Art Eisensmith who helped out today also. I really hope i didn’t leave anybody out . . . i was downstairs with a few guys and Jim Mills coordinated the upstairs cleaning with others . . . If I forgot to thank anybody, I am sure Jim will let us know. Many hands make for quick work and everyone was done and gone by 11:30 am — less than 3 hours.


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Postponement Due to Weather

Due to inclement weather and potentially hazardous travel conditions, tonight’s (11/18/2014) Suburban Pistol League Match has been postponed until further notice.

The status of Thursday night’s (11/20/2014) Niagara Frontier Pistol Match has yet to be determined.

We will try to keep you posted as events transpire.

Please take a few moments to notify any fellow Members you know who may not have an email on file with the Club.

Dues Reminder

Dear Members,

Please understand that the Club doesn’t have the manpower to send out individual billing.

So, as per usual, dues should simply be submitted by the first of every calendar year.

Regular Membership is still $80.00.

The annual fee for a Key Fob for the Indoor Range facility is an additional $10.00 for 2014.

Finally, if the Board of Directors has assessed you a penalty for not volunteering any time to the Club in 2013, that’s an additional $25.00.

Checks should be made out and mailed to:

Ten X Shooting Club, Inc. P.O. Box 226 Lancaster, NY 14086 USA

Thank you very much.

Martin R. Gorman Treasurer