Thoughts on youth programs

Last year, one of my goals as the Club’s president was to begin creating a development program for young shooters.   Step one was to re-connect Ten X to the Niagara Rifle League and qualify some of our members as certified instructors.   Solid buildings require solid foundations, and Ten X successfully qualified a number of members as new pistol and rifle instructors.  A huge “thank you!” must be extended to member Matt G. for coordination and NRA Board member Budd Schroeder for teaching those classes.

Our range renovation projects are the second leg necessary for a solid youth development program.  We recently signed a $5,000 contract with a local architectural and engineering firm to come up with a plan to achieve new ventilation, heating, and containment options.  Stay tuned for updates.

Author and highpower coach Glen Zediker wrote a lengthy piece for the NRA’s Shooting Sports magazine and his blog.  It is worth reading.  Members who have their own ideas and inspirations should comment or pass on those ideas to the […]

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