May CMP 900/2700 & EIC Match Program

Ten-X Shooting Club is hosting outdoor CMP registered matches on Saturday May 20th & Sunday May 21st 2023.

Events scheduled are Rimfire .22 EIC match, followed by a CMP 900 – .22 Rimfire Match (on Saturday), a CMP 2700 (on Sunday), each followed by CMP Service Revolver and CMP Service Pistol EIC matches. Competitors may choose to participate in only portions of the event..22 Rimfire EIC Match starts at 9 AM each day, 900 and 2700 – starts at 10 AM, remaining EIC matches follow the 900/2700 matches.The EIC matches from both days will be combined and submitted as one event.Registration with the CMP is not required to shoot the 900 and/or the 2700, but highly encouraged. Registration is required to shoot in the EIC matches. Registering with the CMP is free and they will not solicit you for funds.CMP competitor registration link, event is currently the first outdoor event in our area. So sign up and shake off that winter rust and chase out the non rent […]

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Fun shoot added

By popular demand, we are adding an additional night to the “Fun Shoot” schedule.

“Rifle Only” night

Tuesday, May 16th, 7:00 pm

Any .22lr rifle.

Open sights, red dot, or scopes allowed

Course of fire – Offhand (unsupported) 2 slow fire targets, same rifle

(highest of the two targets will count)

Normal range fee of $3 applies

As with all Tuesday night shoots – The range remains available for open practice during (and after) the fun shoot.


Tuesday Night Shoots Open sights, red dot, or scopes allowed

(lasers are distracting and therefore not allowed)

One or two handed grip allowed

Course of fire – 2 slow fire targets, same gun

(highest of the two targets will count)

Normal range fee of $3 per night apply

“Revolver only” match

Any centerfire revolver

Results ( 1st place: John M, 2nd place: Al H, 3rd place: Tim C )

“Mid Caliber only” match

Any centerfire handgun larger than a .22, smaller than a 45

Results ( 1st Place: Al H, 2nd Place: Walt C, 3rd Place: Dale S )

“Carry Gun only” match

Any centerfire handgun with a barrel shorter than 4″ long

Results ( 1st Place: Jim, 2nd Place: Jim (tie), 3rd Place: Walt C )

“Large Caliber only” match

Any centerfire handgun 45 caliber or larger

Results ( 1st Place: Jim O, 2nd place: Greg B, 3rd Place: Jim W)

“Rifle only” […]

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March Meeting Notice

Hello all,

The winter season is coming to an end, and we are looking forward to being out at the outdoor range again.

Our March General meeting is Monday March 6, 2023, at 7:30.

It is encouraged that you attend in person and that you invite any prospective members so that they have an opportunity to meet some of the membership and see how our meetings are run.

Hope to see y’all there.


Doug Scranton

2023 Ten-x 1800 fun shoot

Hello Ten X Members,

I would like to announce that Tim S. is organizing an indoor club1800 match. Any Ten X Member interested in participating can find needed information here 2023 Ten-x 1800 Fun Shoot. Look for the volunteer sign-up sheet that will be post by Joe M. soon. This event sounds like a fun time and will also give us a chance to work on our marksmanship skills.


Howdy folks! 

You should all be fully aware that annual Dues for your Membership in Ten X must be submitted by January 1st. Thanks very much to those of you who’ve already paid for 2023.  For those who have yet to send in your funds, this is a reminder that you’ve still got some time . . . but not as much time as in years past. Recently, in an effort to more efficiently finalize our active Roster, plan for the upcoming competitive shooting season and organize the year’s many Club activities, some of our due dates have been modified. As per our current Club Constitution, the “drop dead” date for you to keep current with Ten X is now February 15:  The cost for dues, key fob, and work assessment is in the Membership Forms tab at the top of the Ten X web page.



Dues are payable on or before January 1st of each year. Failure to pay by said date shall place […]

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January Business Meeting

Due to the News Years holiday, The January Business meeting will be held Monday, January 9th at 7:30 pm. This will be an in person meeting with zoom participation available the day of the meeting.

As I complete my stint as President, I wish to thank the members of the Board for their hard work throughout the year and offer my full support for the Board and President Scranton moving forward.


December Newsletter

The Annual (election) Meeting of the club will be held on Monday, December 5, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. If you are unable to attend in person, members may submit write-in ballots. Write-in ballot forms are available on the “members only” section of this website. Paper copies of the Ballot are also available at the club for your use prior to the election.

The meeting will be streamed on Zoom, however it would be impossible to allowed secret written ballots via zoom. If you cannot attend the meeting in person it is suggested that you mail in a write-in ballot prior to the meeting.


Membership dues for 2023 are due before January 1st, 2023. Please mail your dues check or drop it in the cash box at the range ASAP. If you are unsure about your work hours in 2022 please contact Joe M. to ensure you have met your obligations.

Winter Leagues

Both the SPL and NFPL Leagues are in full swing. It […]

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Case-Gard Gunsmith Maintenance Centers For Sale

The youth program has some surplus equipment for sale. These are the Case-Gard “Gunsmith Maintenance Centers that are excellent for holding your rifles or shotguns while doing maintenance. The price is $15 each and are all in fine condition. These sell new on Amazon for $48. We have five available for sale. Any members interested please e-mail Matt Giansante at

Youth Shooting CANCELLED – Friday, November 18th

Our youth shooting program will not be held on Friday, November 18th. The Lancaster Central School District has cancelled classes for the 18th and as we follow their closing policy, we will be cancelled for this week. Our next session is Friday, December 2nd.