WNY Outdoor Pistol League

Shooting Bullseye Pistol Outdoors is More Fun than indoors! 

All new shooters are welcome. Sign up for the matches 1/2 hour before the start time (9am for all ranges) until noon. New shooters should check in at the Stat office. Unlimited shoot aheads are allowed by the league. (All postal matches are shoot aheads.) The course of fire is the 30 round NRA National Match Course for both .22 rimfire and centerfire. Teams are always looking for new shooters; the match director can put you in contact a team located near you. For more information about the league please contact Mike Bartlett at MBart0091@aol.com . Come out and have some FUN and improve your skills.

League Registration Fee: $5.00 Match Registration Fee: $3.00 per gun.
Last registration at all ranges: 1200 hrs. (Noon)


Click here to view the 2017 Schedule.

Click here to download the schedule in Excel format.


Range Locations
Tonawanda Sportsman Club range (“TSC”) located at: 5657 Killian Rd., North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Niagara County range (“NCSA”) located at: 2505 Lower Mountain Road, Ransomville, NY 14131
Ten-X range (“10X”) Located at: 8081 Greenbush Road, Akron, NY 14001



2014 WNYOPL Results (Silver Division)

Week Date Host Range 22 Act. 22 HC CF
1 May 10 Niagara County NCSA 2nd 2nd 3nd
2 May 17 Polaris TSC 2nd 2nd 3rd
3 May 31 Ten-X 10X 2nd 2nd 3rd
4 Jun. 7 Tonawanda Sportsmen 1 TSC 2nd 2nd 3rd
5 Jun. 14 Clarence 10X 2nd 3rd 3rd
6 Jun. 21 Ten-X 10X 2nd 3rd 3rd
7 Jun. 28 Clarence 10X 2nd 3rd 3rd
8 Jul. 05 Postal Match #1 2 any 2nd 3rd 3rd
9 Jul. 12 Tonawanda Sportsmen TSC WIN 2nd 3rd
10 Jul. 19 Pinecrest 3 TSC 2nd 3rd 3rd
11 Jul. 26 Niagara County NCSA 2nd 3rd 3rd
12 Aug. 02 Polaris TSC 2nd 2nd 3rd
13 Aug. 9 Pinecrest 1 TSC 2nd 2nd 3rd
14 Aug. 16 Clarence 10X 2nd 3rd 3rd
15 Aug. 23 Polaris TSC 2nd 3rd 3rd
16 Aug. 30 Niagara County NCSA 2nd 3rd 3rd
17 Sept. 06 Postal Match #2 any 2nd 2nd 3rd
18 Sept. 13 Pinecrest 4 TSC 2nd 3rd 3rd
19 Sept. 20 Tonawanda Sportsmen TSC 2nd 3rd 3rd
20 Sept. 27 Ten-X 10X WIN 3rd 3rd
21 Oct. 04 Postal Match #3 any

The Homepage for the League is located here

1 This match runs against a 2700 match at the Ten-X range.
2 This match runs against the Canton Regional.
3 This match runs against the Camp Perry NIT.
4 This match runs against the NY State Match at the Ten-X range.

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