Youth Programs

The Ten-X Youth Shooting Program was established to introduce young people to the sport of shooting,
in a safe and properly equipped and supervised environment. Instructors are National Rifle Association
certified instructors, and are assisted by experienced shooters. Several of our program instructors have
participated and instructed in Three-Position shooting while others have years of experience in long-
range shooting, as well as rifle and shotgun hunting.

Our program is primarily focused on rifle shooting, with both air rifles and .22lr rimfire rifle instruction
provided. Participants need not have any previous experience with a rifle and safety equipment and
firearms are provided. Experienced shooters are encouraged to participate and may bring their properly
operating rifles to use when participating in the program (subject to inspection by the attending range officer and instructors.) Experienced shooters and new shooters are  instructed and shoot on separate ranges, providing all levels of participants with the safest and most  positive experience possible. The minimum age to participate in nine (BB-gun program; age 12 for air gun and smallbore program), and the instructors reserve the right to determine if a participant is capable of participating in a safe and effective manner.

Our program runs on the second and fourth Friday of every month (September through second Friday in May) from 6:30pm to approximately 8pm, at our indoor facility, located at 853 Ransom Road in Lancaster.  Exceptions to this schedule are the Friday after Thansksgiving and the Friday before Christmas when there will be no program.   We also open our outdoor facility (located in the town of Newstead) for special summer sessions. Times/Dates of these sessions can be found on our website, under the Youth Shooting section. In the event of inclement weather, we follow the Lancaster Central School closing policy – if school or after-school activities are cancelled on a shooting day, our program is also cancelled for that day. As well, if there are any travel advisories issued for the area in and around our range, shooting will be cancelled.

There is a very modest $3.00 range fee to cover consumables.  Membership in the Ten-X Shooting Club is not
required by participants or their parents/guardians, although we encourage parents to join and become active in our adult program for their own enjoyment!  Range fees may be waived in the event of hardship — no child will be refused to participate on account of cost.  Parents are required to remain on-site while the youth are shooting (no “drop-offs” please). Parents/Guardians who have experience in the shooting sports are encouraged to assist in the program as we are always looking for any help we can get to keep the program running smoothly.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please e-mail our Youth Shooting Program Coordinator, Matt Giansante, at We also open our range for instruction and shooting to organizations that would like to shoot as a group. You may e-mail for more information on this, as well.

Click this link for our program brochure (.PDF)


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