Preliminary Results – August 2018 EIC Match

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Before we get to listing the results from today’s match, I want to say thank you to all of our volunteers who helped run today’s Western New York Outdoor Pistol League match and stayed to help run the Civilian Marksmanship Program Excellence in Competition Match.  Without a doubt, our members make these events possible, and without YOU we would not be able to host these events.

Today’s EIC match was well attended and we were close to being able to give out two legs.  Only 4 more competitors would have given us the second award.  Attached below is today’s preliminary match results:

On an exciting note, one of our competitors, Chris Thiel, legged out today winning the Service Pistol match with a  258-4x score.  Congratulations, Chris!

Thanks again to all of our competitors who attended today’s match and we hope to see you for next week’s 2700 match and this September’s WNY Outdoor Pistol Championship.  The Championship will host another EIC match as well as an NRA Distinguished Revolver match.

Good shooting,

Jim Gerstung,

League Team Captain, WNYOPL

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