February 2020 Newsletter

The next general membership meeting is
Monday, February 3, 2020 at 7:30 PM

● Membership dues will be officially “past due” as of February 15. Regular membership was raised in December to $110.00 per year. Key fobs are still an additional $10.00. Annual volunteer assessments are $75.00. If you completed your volunteer requirement for 2019, you will only owe an additional $25.00. For most members, the total dues package is $145.00 ($110 dues + $10 key + $25 additional assessment).

If you received an assessment notice because you did not donate time to the club, but you feel that you contributed at least 6 hours of volunteer time to the club last year, you should contact our Volunteer Coordinators Joe McDonald or Jim Okiec. Their email address is tenxvolunteercoordinator@gmail.com

Please make one (and only one) check payable for the total amount to Ten X Shooting Club, Inc., and mail it to P.O. Box 226, Lancaster, NY 14086. If any member is concerned about getting his or her payment in before the cut-off date, they should contact our Treasurer, Martin Gorman, to make arrangements at tenxtreasurer@hotmail.com

● The next series of NFPL and SPL league matches are as follows:

● We are hosting the NRA Conventional Pistol Sectional from Friday March 6 to Sunday March 8. We will need volunteers. Members may sign up for volunteer slots on our web I am page under the Volunteer Sign-Up tab on the masthead. Our member’s commitment to Ten X makes us one of the premier clubs in the State and helps us to run a program that people want to come to year after year. Thank you to all our members who work to make us a great club to belong to.

As usual, the printable .PDF version of this newsletter may be downloaded by clicking this link.

Good shooting,
Peter Vasilion, President


2 comments to February 2020 Newsletter

  • Tom Jankowski

    I’m a member in good standing, but I have not received my print newsletter in several months. I need it in case the combination changes out at Greenbush.

    Tom Jankowski
    627 Creekside Drive
    Alden, NY 14004

  • Peter Vasilion

    We are not sending out printed newsletters every month, and have not done so in a few years. Printed newsletters are typically sent in the months of March, August and November.

    Printed newsletters are mailed in November so we can provide memebers the official ballot for the annual election of officers. They are sent in March or April so we can provide members with the membership roster and WNYOPL schedule, and in August to give members the league schedules.

    You can subscribe to the website feed so you can get the electronic newsletter e-mailed to you every month, and we always include a printable copy in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF).

    Please contact us by email if you have further questions or suggestions.

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