Youth Shooting Program Update – January 19th

Our next session is this coming Friday the 24th @ 6:30pm. As always, new shooters please arrive @ 6pm for safety and firearms orientation.

With the lousy weather hitting us this weekend it’s a good time to remind everyone that we follow the Lancaster Central School District closing policy. If LCSD schools are closed for the day (or after school activities are cancelled) on a shooting day, then shooting is also cancelled.

MANY THANKS to member Bill Siska for filling our tank for the air rifles. Not only did Bill set up our tank system when we first started the program but he’s been great about keeping us “topped off” so that we always have the rifles fully charged with air!

Our downstairs program had a great turnout last week. Kids were shooting self-supported from the bench, as well as standing and prone. The kids upstairs did a nice job last week with the BB guns. They are, admittedly, not the most accurate or well-sighted guns, but for the younger kids to learn sitting and standing, they are really our only option at this time, as they are light enough for the kids to safely handle. The instructors strongly believe that it’s important the younger kids learn to shoot in all positions. Whether they eventually become hunters, long-distance shooters, perhaps enter the military or law-enforcement or join the competitive shooting ranks, they will need to know how to shoot from all positions. Plus, we just believe that it ads to the learning experience to shoot from the different positions. Parents likely have noticed that the kids targets are not quite as accurate as they are when we shoot the pellet rifles. While the BB guns are not as accurate, it’s also important to remember that shooting from the standing or shooting position is much more difficult than from bench or prone. So, less accurate targets are to be expected for that reason, as well.

In addition to January 24th, our remaining shooting dates are: Feb 14th &28th; March 13th & 27th; April 24th (no shooting April 10th) and our last session for the season is May 8th.

We look forward to seeing everyone at an upcoming shoot!

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