Treasurer’s June Update

Greetings Ten X Members!

Here is a quick reminder of just how important your Range Fees are to your Club.  And a plea to all our Members that you don’t take for granted your obligation to Ten X when you use our considerable resources to help you fill your leisure time with your favorite activity.

Normally, your Range Fees account for about 13% (maybe slightly more) of all the income of this fine Club.  Normally, Range Fees simply augment the rest of our annual income.  And, clearly, though it’s just $3 or $6 at-a-time for each of us and our Guests, these token contributions add up.  And fast!

This year, for obvious reasons, things are considerably different.  With the lack of income from Club-sanctioned activities and the prohibition of our participation in the many local competitive shooting leagues, your Range Fees have become more important than ever.

So far this year, and we’re not even to the half-way point of 2020, Range Fees have accounted for a whopping 23.25% of our annual revenue.

On the whole, we have always been very good at chipping in.  That’s the way its supposed to be.  The way your fellow Members of Ten X expect us to be. . . in fact, need us to . . . to ensure the continued well-being of this fine organization.

I regret to inform you however that recently, for the first time in my nearly eleven (11) years with this Club, our Sign-In Sheets have not matched up with our Dollars Collected in the Cash Boxes.  I won’t go into much detail here.  But lately there have been occasions where we’ve been off by as much as an unimaginable 37%!  And this with just a handful of shooters using our Ranges. 

If you extrapolate that 37% over eleven (11) years of records, that’s equal to about $1000 lost each and every year JUST IN RANGE FEES.  That would require about ten (10) new members each and every year just to make up the lost revenue of folks failing to plan ahead for their visit to the Range.

This is unacceptable.

Our hope is the shortfall, for whatever reason, is the product of one or a couple of member’s simple oversight.  We hope it won’t become the sort of recurring issue with which the Club needs to take corrective action.

As a reminder, EVERYONE is expected to pay their Range Fee . . . there are no exceptions . . . ever. 

You, your family members and friends, guest instructors, visitors inspecting our facilities, Life Members . . . EVERYONE who puts a round down range is required to pay their Range Fee.

It should be a simple thing to ensure that, while you’re preparing for a trip out to either of our fantastic facilities, you remember to bring enough money.  After all, you would not leave home without your range bag or gun or ammo or sunglasses or bug spray or whatever else it is that we normally bring to the range.  Why would it be any more difficult to have the correct change for the Cash Box?

Enjoy your Club! 

Enjoy the substantial resources at your disposal. 

Appreciate what an amazing gift Ten X is to local shooters in an atmosphere of general hostility toward gun owners.

And remember that this sort of asset does not come cheaply!


Come out and shoot with us . . . and remember to pay!


Martin Gorman


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