Youth Shooting Program Update – 6/20/21

We are pleased to announce that we fully expect that the Youth Shooting Program will resume this coming September. Mark your calendars for Septebmer 17th as our first shoot. There are a few changes for the upcoming year:

  • Instead of shooting on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month, we will be shooting on the 1st and third Fridays of every month. This will afford us three more opportunities to shoot. In the past we only shot once in November, December, and May. With this revised schedule, we will add back in our 2nd week of shooting in those months.
  • After several years of holding the cost at $3 per shooter, we do need to increase the cost per shooter to $5. By bringing in more money for the program we will be able to continue to keep up with the supplies and equipment we need to maintain the program. 
  • Likely everyone is aware of the severe ammunition shortage that shooters around the country are facing. As a club, we are not immune. With that in mind, For those shooting in the downstairs range (22lr) we will offer two options for ammunition: (1) you may bring your own ammunition (22lr, standard velocity, subject to weekly inspection by the range officer for safety and appropriate use), or (2) you will be asked to pay an additional $5 per night, and we will provide ammunition. A box of 50 22lr standard velocity ammo looks to be about $10 per box. Most kids shoot more than that per night, but we feel we can, for the time being, ask for the additional $5 and keep our ammunition supplies relatively steady. If the shortage continues, we may need to ask for more, but for now, we hope to be able to keep it at the additional $5 per night. (Ammunition will continue to be included for the air rifle shooters in the upstairs range – thankfully there is no shortage there.)

Things that continue as they always have include:

  • Membership in the club, as always, is not required for the kids to participate.
  • One parent/adult guardian must remain at the club during the entire time your child is shooting. 
  • We will follow the Lancaster Central School District closing policy due to inclement weather. If LCSD is closed for school on a day we shoot, or they cancel evening activities for a day we shoot, then we, too, cancel our program for that evening.
  • Kids ages nine through 20 may participate. Per NY State law, all kids nine through eleven may only shoot the air rifles. Kids 12 and above have the option to shoot air rifles and/or 22lr.
  • First round downrange is 6:30pm. New shooters (or those participating with us for the first time) are asked to arrive @ 6:00pm for safety orientation. Shooting typically wraps up around 8:30pm.

TEN X CLUB MEMBERS – If you are interested in helping out with the program, and have not done so before, this is a great way to get your required work hours in, and encourage young people to take up and participate in the sport of shooting. Reach out to Matt Giansante if you are interested in learning more about how you can help. We need people to instruct and to offer other support during the program.

If anyone has any additional questions please reach out to Matt Giansante (

See you in September!

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